Best Family Car for the Zombie Apocalypse

The Jeep ZS1 Zombie Slayer—

Because the Zombie Apocalypse is no time to drive a Prius!

I know what your going to say, “Dude, you’ve watched too many episodes of The Walking Dead. How could this piece of testosterone on wheels be called a family car?” Here’s how: being a dad is a very primal sort of thing, right? So is being a mom, but that’s not the point. The point is, we dad’s feel this overwhelming need to protect our families, and what better vehicle to get your family through the impending Zombie Apocalypse than Jeep’s ZS1 Zombie Slayer?

Picture of the Zombie Slayer Jeep ZS1 – Because the Zombie Apocalypse is no Time to Drive a Prius (from

click to see it’s features from more angles

You’re thinking, (read this with a preschooler whine ➜) “but it’s not as fuel efficient as a Prius.” Here are the sad facts: Prius owners, with their big yummy, tree-hugging, Downton Abbey loving brains, will be the first to go when the Zombie Apocalypse strikes. Then we can simply siphon gas for our Zombie Slayer from the Prius wrecks dotting the dystopian landscape. Besides, just think of the looks the other mini-van driving soccer-dads will give you at the next game!

p.s. This post is just a playful nod to my geeky side. As I tell our young daughter, zombies aren’t real… and I will be so sad when the day comes that she tells me Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy aren’t real either.



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  1. Its definitely the green lighting that does it for me, it reminds me of an alienware laptop

    1. I know what you mean, Kayla. Does that mean you are a gamer? I say that as if I know something about it which I really don’t. Daddy’s a geek, but have never had enough time for games, either video or MMO’s. I like the green as well. On their site they have the lights switching on and off. One of my friends says he want to buy one, but doesn’t want the zombie logos on it. 😉

  2. How fast can you load two kids, a diaper bag and your wife into that while the herd of walkers approaches? Sorry dude, you’re lunch. Plus you can only fit about three days worth of fishey crackers and juice boxes in the cargo area of a jeep.

    As a former jeep owner I can say with utmost authority that a jeep is less practical than a miyata.


    1. LOL. Thanks for making me laugh, Mike! Appreciate you sharing your Jeep experience. You may have saved my family!. ;)So something like this Miata would be more practical?

  3. So glad you posted on this important topic. Personally, I think all parenting decisions should be made through the filter of “If the zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow, what will I wish I had done?”

    …Aw, who are we kidding? Zombie apocalypse is never gonna happen. Now COMPUTER apocalypse??? That’s a TRUE threat! And I am preparing AS WE SPEAK. (‘course, this means that time I’m spending learning twitter is TOTALLY IN VAIN!)

    (Also. There were a lot of caps in this comment. Sorry ’bout that; I get very worked up over apocalypses of any kind.)

    1. Wait, Beth… so you’re telling me “The Walking Dead” isn’t a documentary? Then I can leave the bunker, stop eating MREs and drinking… well, better you don’t know. 😉

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