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Parenting in the Age of AI: A Dad’s Guide to Kids and LLMs

Let’s dive deeper into large language models and generative AI like Chat-GPT, and how our mini-me’s interact with them.

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Parenting in the Age of AI: Insights into ChatGPT, Bing, Meta, and Our Kids’ Future

OpenAI ChatGPT4

AI tools like ChatGPT GPT-4, Bing, Bard, and Meta might seem like they’re from a sci-fi novel, but their impact on our kids’ lives is very real

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AI for Parents – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Child playing with AI ChatGPT-4 Robot

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the shiny new AI toys making headlines recently. So, let’s have a little chat about these fantastic and sometimes frightening AI tools:

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What Parents Need to Know About ChatGPT

Photo of Woman Teaching His Son While Smiling

By now you’ve probably heard of ChatGPT and more recently about Bard. It’s shaping up to be quite the battle of the tech titans, and as parents we need to help ensure our kids aren’t among the casualties.

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I Joined Mastodon

photo of elephant in forest with filtered sunlight

Given all of the people fleeing Twitter, I thought it might be wise to sign up for the heir apparent, Mastodon. Here’s where to find me and info to get us newbies started.

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Are You a Hugger?

I Hug Back Online

Are you a “hugger”? Here’s a test… if someone hugs you, who lets go first? What about online? Do you give your friends virtual *hugs*? Does it matter? I’ve been thinking, now more than ever, that we all can use more hugs… even if some are only ‘virtual’?

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PY1 Multimedia Venue opens New Year’s Eve in Arlington Texas for Limited Engagement!

PY1 Pyramids Arlington Texas 2020

Timed perfectly for the arrival of the new decade, PY1 is a cutting-edge multimedia entertainment venue like nothing you’ve experienced before. Here’s everything you need to know about the Family Shows as well as their themed PY1 Nights for the 21 and over crowd:

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A Dad’s Guide to the Perfect Halloween Cocktail

The Perfect Halloween Cocktail

My wife dragged me kicking and screaming into complete and total Halloween obsession. And I live there quite happily now! One of the things I’ve come to realize is that Halloween is not just for kids. There are so many fun and classy ways for adults to enjoy Halloween too… like a spooky Halloween Cocktail! I think you will love this not overly sweet, bourbon based Halloween cocktail!

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Blow your Guy’s Mind – A Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys - BabbleBoxx

My wife complains every year about how hard I am to shop for.  And I admit it.  She asks what I’d like, and I say the same thing every time. I tell my wife, “I don’t need anything.” So how do you shop for men, and straddle that perfect line between what we need, and what we want? This gift guide will help!

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