13 Tips for a Safe Halloween

There’s a part of me that looks at the following list of Halloween safety tips prepared by the CDC, and thinks, “Surely everyone knows this stuff?” I mean really. The first tip concerns swords and knives. And then I remember just how successful movies like “Jackass” were. Frighteningly they even spawned sequels including one in 3D. If you saw them… this post is for you. Yes, it’s unfair to criticize movies I’ve not actually seen. Get over it. Life’s not fair.

Clearly the existence of the aforementioned films, and a healthy portion of so called reality TV, provides ample evidence people are just stupid enough to not take basic precautions when sending their kids out on a dark Halloween night. A less charitable part of me thinks thinning out this rather shallow end of the gene pool might not be all bad, but I’d never want kids to suffer due to their parents lack of… um… forethought. So here you go…

13 Halloween Safety Tips:

13 Halloween Safety Tips from the CDC

For more information on this and other health and safety tips drop by cdc.gov who prepared this list. And share it with anyone you think might benefit. Hint: they own all 3 “Jackass” movies.


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  1. Like you, I have not seen the movies you mentioned either. Heard of them, but they just don’t appeal to my taste in entertainment. Also like you, as I read through the list of Halloween Safety, compiled by the CDC no less, I found myself wondering why there was even a need to create such a list. Isn’t all of this logical? But then I remembered….not everyone is related to Spock. Happy Halloween to you and yours.

    1. Live long and prosper, Mitzi! 😉

  1. […] p.s. Here are 13 tips from the CDC to help keep our kiddos safe this Halloween […]

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