Parenting in the Age of AI: Insights into ChatGPT, Bing, Meta, and Our Kids’ Future

Let’s take another stroll down memory lane, shall we? Hey there, dear reader! Do you ever get those moments of nostalgia, taking you back to when technology was just beginning to spark in our lives? Yeah, me too. Let me share a little story from my corner of the world, where being a parent intersects with my peculiar love/hate relationship with artificial intelligence.

Picture me, a parent, leafing through my years of expertise in AI, just like flipping through an old photo album. Each time I hear the clamor about new AI tools, like ChatGPT GPT-4, Bing, Bard, and Meta, I can’t help but chuckle – much like looking at an old photograph and thinking, “Oh, what was I wearing!” But as I laugh, the voices of Michael Wooldridge, Gary Marcus, and Ernest Davis whisper cautionary tales in my ear. Kinda feels like grandma telling you not to run with scissors, doesn’t it?

Oh, come on, grab that warm cup of coffee… or something stronger if you need it! Remember how we used to gather around the fireplace and exchange tales? Let’s do that – but for our children’s tech-filled futures.

OpenAI ChatGPT4

The (Not So) Secret Life of AI and Data

Have you ever stumbled upon a diary from your childhood? Remember the thrill of keeping secrets? Imagine if some stranger was peeking into those scribbled pages. Eerie, isn’t it? Well, AI tools like Bing and Meta, they’re like that neighbor kid who’d try to sneak a peek when you wrote in your backyard. They’re curious, and sometimes a bit too much. Hey, remember when we’d cover our diaries with a little lock and key? Maybe it’s time to do something similar with these apps, like checking those privacy settings. Who said digital parenting would be easy, right?

AI, the Job Snatcher

You know those legends our grandparents spun about creatures lurking in the shadows, waiting to snatch away something precious? Well, there’s a modern version. Robots taking our jobs! I’m not saying AI is the boogeyman, but maybe we should prepare our young ones for this brave new world. Let’s sprinkle in some tales of adaptability, the power of learning and importance of critical thinking skills, so they know it’s not about the monsters, but how we face them. Ready for another bedtime story, kiddos?

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AI’s Tall Tales

Remember the town gossip? The one who’d add a pinch of salt to every story? AIs, especially the likes of ChatGPT GPT-4, are the new town gossips. They mix, match, and sometimes stretch the truth just like those tales of old. But, just like we used to discern fact from fiction, let’s teach our kids to spot the real stories. Who’s up for a digital treasure hunt?

AI’s Game of “Telephone”: How Bias Sneaks In

Alright, friend, remember the game of “Telephone” we played as kids? One message passed on, getting distorted with every whisper? That’s AI for you! ChatGPT GPT-4 and Bard are like players in that game. They don’t mean harm, but sometimes, they reflect the bad bits too. Old biases sneak in, much like childhood mischiefs that we laugh at now. It’s on us to keep a gentle, guiding hand on their shoulders, ensuring they don’t trip too often.

Digital Stargazing with AI

Seeing AI tools like Midjourney AI or DreamStudio weave magic is like watching stars on a clear night. Beautiful, mesmerizing, but distant. While it’s a joy to see, it’s essential to remind our little stargazers that stars too have their moments. They flicker, dim, and sometimes fall. A lesson in humility, perhaps?

The Playground Politics of Big Tech

Step into a playground, and you’ll see two kinds of kids: those who hog all the toys and those who just want to play. Translate that to our tech world, and you’ve got the bigwigs and the startups. The Googles and Amazons have their castles, but every castle starts with a single brick. Let’s make sure our playground remains open to all, big or small, and foster innovation in every nook and corner.

From a Dad’s Heart to Yours

I may get the occasional sigh or eye-roll when I embark on my tech tales with my little one. But here’s my little secret: each story is a love note, a lesson, and a dream, all rolled into one. While AI may seem like a realm far, far away, its ripples touch the shores of our everyday lives. Let’s make sure our children can sail its waves, harness its winds, and find their own horizons.

Want a taste of this digital magic? Here are some realms to explore:

  • ChatGPT:
  • Bing:
  • Midjourney AI:
  • DreamStudio (Stable Diffusion):
  • Craiyon (Formerly DALL-E mini):


*Note: I’m representing myself as a fellow parent here, not the university at which I work.

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