I Joined Mastodon

Given all of the people fleeing Twitter, I thought it might be wise to sign up for the heir apparent, Mastodon. You can pick from a large number of federated servers, many focusing on different interests. I picked one of the more general sites: mastodon.social. The most visible impact of this choice to those interacting with you is the server name as a part of your ‘handle’. Mine is @MichaelSchmid@mastodon.social. I’ve always been a fan of Twitter, though less so its new owner, and do plan to remain on there for now at least. I’m @ADaddyBlog on Twitter. The easiest way to find me everywhere is via my linktr.ee/MichaelSchmid. Please let me know your Mastodon account address in the comments so I can find you. I’m still brand new on mastodon.social, so I’d also appreciate any tips and advice you might have for us newbies. Here’s a recent article from mashable.com with a pretty good overview about getting started on mastodon. Please leave a comment. Happy ‘tooting’! 🦣

photo of elephant in forest with filtered sunlight

Yes, I know this is an elephant. I couldn’t find a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licensed photo of a mastodon. 😉

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