Doctor Who Versus Yo Gabba Gabba

David Tennant

Okay, not actually Doctor Who, but David Tennant, the 10th and most recent actor to play the Time Lord, is going to read five children’s stories to pre-school age kids for the CBeeBies Channel. Not a channel we get here in America, sadly.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time lately watching NickJr on cable TV with my young daughter. Unfortunately I expect it may be quite a while before Mr. Tennant spares me yet another episode of Yo Gaba Gaba, and graces American TV with his equally eclectic, high energy presence; well American children’s TV at least.

The actor was seen for the last time on BBC as Doctor Who in a two-part story over the holidays. And now I understand Tennant is set to make his US television debut in the lead role in the NBC comedy drama “Rex Is Not Your Lawyer”. No mention of whether Rex owns a sonic screwdriver or takes a TARDIS to work.

So, what children’s shows to you enjoy watching with your wee ones? Which one’s drive you up the wall?


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  1. I must admit — I *LOVE* Sesame Street. It’s educational for the kiddos, and yet it’s entertaining for us big people. 🙂

    1. Yes, Shannon puts on KERA for Molly some mornings. Molly can’t get enough of Elmo. He’s like crack for babies.

  2. I have to say my nephews (8 & 3) when I’m babysitting them love watching ‘Top Gear’ and ‘Grand Design’ which Eugene and I like watching as well! after that though there is some very wierd cartoons but I usually end up putting on my DVD of ‘Fraggle Rock’ or ‘Prehistoric Park’ which they both LOVE and I like watching them too! 🙂

    1. Fraggle Rock’s a classic. LOL. I bought Molly a couple of the recent Tinkerbell DVDs and they aren’t too bad. I find some of the popular new shows like Dora the Explorer quite annoying. There are several rather sweet low key cartoons on NickJR that I kind of enjoy. One I recommend is called “Little Bear”. Other high energy, loud, heavily colour-saturated shows like Yo Gabba Gabba and the Wiggles I can only tolerate in small doses.

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    I kinda like yo gabba gabba but i prefer backyardigans.

    i am here visiting from UBP 2010 and want to invite you to visit my blog as well.

  3. Thanks for dropping by, Auset. I prefer backyardigan’s over yo gabba gabba, too. And certainly any thing is better than Barney. 😉

  4. Elijah Wood made an appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba. While I’d love to see David Tennant do some cameos on American TV, I silently pray he stays away from this show. After seeing Frodo do the Dancey Dance, I can never see LOTR the same again.

    1. LOL. Some things just can’t be unseen. I saw Elijah do that episode. The only one who manages to come away relatively unscathed is Jack Black, though that’s probably because he’s more outrages in other things? I’ve seen Yo Gabba Gabba Live on stage twice and lived to tell the tale. I can’t recommend you watch it, but I included brief video footage here: 😉

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