5 Tips for Throwing a Birthday Party at Urban Air – Bedford!

I recently heard a brand new Urban Air location was opening in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, and that they host birthday parties.  In this new Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park location in Bedford, Texas, they  have awesome new activities I’ve never seen at other Urban Air locations!

So I was thrilled when they said they would host my daughter’s party just a week after the grand opening of their Urban Air in the Hurst, Euless and Bedford area of DFW. Upon entering their brand new space, I realized Urban Air Bedford is so much more than just a trampoline park.

Urban Air Bedford is home to more than 10 attractions – ranging from the Sky Rider, Indoor Ropes Course, Slam Dunk Zone, Climbing Walls and a lot more! If you are planning a birthday party – you are in luck. This location offers so many party options. Here are some tips for planning a Bedford Urban Air Birthday Party…

Who is an Urban Air Party good for? One of the most challenging parts of planning a birthday party for our family, is finding something for the kids to do during the party. That’s one reason why I like the concept of a Urban Air Birthday party so much. The activities are built into the experience. An Urban Air party fits with so many age ranges. In fact, a glow party was particularly perfect for the hard to please tween & teen set.

And did you know you can even have an Urban Air party for adults or as a training day for your company? You can! An Urban Air Party can be whatever you make it.

5 Tips for planning a Party at Urban Air:

  1. Decide what style of Party you want. Are you looking for a more classic Urban Air Party feel? Or would you like to mix it up with a Glow Party? We went with a Glow Party, and Urban Air delivered a fabulously glowing party room to host our party in! (see the video below)
  2. Pick the Party Package that best matches your Party needs, based on which activities are most important to your group. And whether you want a dedicated Party Room.
  3.  Ask Your Party Host to prioritize bringing your party attendees to the activity you most want to do first. The hosts can help you manage the flow of the many activities.
  4. Let Urban Air handle the Food – you just bring the cake! So easy.
  5. Embrace the ability to just enjoy the party, and let your party host run things! This can be hard to do if you are used to being the entertainment crew at your kids parties! But if you book a party package with a party host, you can let them run things, so you can sit back and enjoy! Take pics. Be in the moment.

Some Urban Air Bedford Details:

  • Urban Air Bedford is open seven days a week – at the Shops at Central Park.
  • With FREE Wi-Fi Urban Air Bedford is a great place to relax! It also has a full-service café – and even has a fabulous relaxing parents’ lounge complete with televisions tuned into live sporting events.
  • Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park has been voted BEST gym in America for kids by Shape Magazine and  the BEST place to take energetic kids and BEST trampoline park. 
  • For more information about the Urban Air Bedford, call 682-239-0318 or visit: https://www.urbanairtrampolinepark.com

I’ve never received such amazing customer service as we got from the fantastic staff at the Urban Air Bedford location. They assigned two party  hosts that helped with the kid wrangling throughout their sizable adventure park. They anticipated our needs and made this a party my wife and I could relax and enjoy!

Birthday Party at Urban Air Bedford Trampoline Park & Activity Center

I cannot recommend them more highly for  parties for kids and grownups alike. But they’re not just for parties. Want to get your kids off the video games and couch? Want to get out of the Texas heat for some physical fun and adventure? Head to the brand new Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure park in Bedford!

A huge thanks to Urban Air for hosting our daughter’s birthday party in order to facilitate this blog post! As always the opinions are fiercely my own. And my opinion is you need to visit Urban Air Bedford for your next party!


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  1. Hi, we’re having an Urban Air platinum birthday party for 10 this weekend with 1 party host. I have searched the internet for how much to tip the host, and got a wide range of suggestions. What is your opinion on how much to tip the host? Thanks

    1. Hi, Patsy. The hosts were really fantastic at our daughter’s party. Tipping is not included and I’m sure any amount would be appreciated. Obviously it’s at your discretion. Maybe $10?

  2. What is the best choice of package for a 10 year old bday?

    1. Hi, Marcia. Forgive my delay responding. I’d give them a call directly and find out their current offerings and recommendations. Our daughter and her friends had a blast. 🙂

  3. My daughter is turning 3. Would she be able to enjoy most of the activities or do you think she is a bit young? Also she wants a Peppa pig party, is that something I would need to set up or do y’all do offer packages like this?

    1. Hi, Angela. I agree that your daughter is probably a bit young for many of the activities at Urban Air. I should be clear that I’m just a parent like you, and don’t work for them. I’d give them a call and see what they say. Our daughter loved it, but she’s several years older.

  4. Hi Michael, thank you for your tips!

    I went with my seven-year-old son to Urban Air on a Friday night and found the environment too dark especially at the trampoline area, where in my opinion they should put some neon lights or not dim the light so much. My son’s birthday is on a Friday, and as not all guests will be available before 6 p.m., I had no option, so we will have a glow party. Didn’t you think the environment too dark, specially for kids?

    1. I understand your points, and hope you shared them with Urban Air. I’m just another parent sharing our experience. Our daughter was very slightly older than your son when we hosted her b’day party there, and we did not have any concerns about the lighting. That said, one cannot have enough fun, bright colors, so hopefully they’ll take your feedback into account.

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