Be the Office Hero – While playing Wintastic Rewards!

This is a sponsored post with RaceTrac.  All opinions are my own.

Sometimes during the week I want to play office hero. And when I do, I know just where to go to get treats for the office before work – and some Crazy Good Coffee! There is something for everyone, and I can easily run into RaceTrac and grab coffee, breakfast sandwiches, fruit or even donuts for the the crew at work.

Not only is it quick and easy to run into  RaceTrac on my way to work –  but it’s also delicious. Here is why….

RaceTrac’s “Crazy Good Coffee” bar offers a variety of blends of fresh brewed coffee, including 100 percent Hazelnut, Regular, Columbian, Guatemalan, Decaf and Dark Roast.  There is something for everyone. I like my coffee strong, so I always choose the dark roast. But I know my wife for instance will always pick Hazelnut. She is kind of a nut. So it makes sense 😉

And we both love that RaceTrac has a coffee bar prep area that rivals anywhere we’ve ever been! Whip cream, creamers, every sweetner known to man, and various non-dairy options! And I also love that our local RaceTrac has a coffee machine that lets me watch my coffee beans being grinded fresh.

RaceTrac Coffee Facts:

  • All are 100 percent Arabica beans — the highest quality coffee!
  • RaceTrac’s coffee bar also features cappuccinos, iced coffee, hot teas and hot chocolate.
  • RaceTrac has new coffee machines coming to stores in 2018, which will give its guests an even
    more elevated coffee experience. Guests can be their own barista by selecting their favorite coffee blend and watching the beans grind right before their eyes into the freshest cup of joe.
  • Guests can also be their own barista by selecting their favorite coffee blend and pairing it with
    their favorite creamers, sweeteners and toppings like whipped cream.

Want some morning Treats? Try RaceTrac’s Breakfast sandwiches, Fruit or Doughnuts:

Sandwiches are made in-house with hand-selected, high-quality ingredients – real buttermilk biscuits,
flaky croissants, Jimmy Dean sausage and Tyson chicken breasts. Did you know that RaceTrac sandwiches are cooked and assembled fresh in store every day? They are!

And I always find a great array of cut fruit and doughnuts for those with a sweet tooth!

RaceTrac’s Breakfast Sandwich Facts: 

  • The store team makes the sandwiches and wraps them in the store.
  • All ingredients are hand-selected by our Executive Chef to ensure they are the highest quality.
  • Breakfast sandwiches are portable to meet our guests’ grab-and-go lifestyles. Today, we offer a
    variety of sandwiches for our grab-and-go guest including a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit;
    chicken biscuit; and ham, egg and cheese Croissant
  • Our most popular new recipe combinations, which include a ham, egg and cheese croissant and
    a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, among others, are cooked throughout the morning and then
    made available in the hot case for easy grab-and-go.
  •  Beginning in August and for a limited time, RaceTrac is offering a breakfast sandwich
    made with Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles!This sandwich includes maple syrup, sausage, egg and cheese all stacked together between two classic Eggo Waffles.

(This offer is available in all stores from August 1 through November 7th!)

How do you make your morning trip to RaceTrac even better? Use the App to Win Prizes! Here is how: 

Like to win? Then get in the game with Wintastic Rewards, the new way to win at RaceTrac! This
summer, guests have a 1-in-3 chance to win more of their favorites like pizza, hotdogs, ice cream, coffee
and soda.

How to use Wintastic Rewards:

  1. Pick up any qualifying item at your local RaceTrac. Bring it to the register.
  2. Make sure you have Downloaded the RaceTrac Wintastic Rewards app to your phone.
  3. When you get to the cash register press the red checkout button on the app. The cashier will scan your code along with your items for purchase!
  4. BAM! Find out if your a Wintastic Winner!
  5. Redeem your winnings during your next visit, or in another transaction.

You have a 1 out 3 chance of winning some loot with every purchase! So be sure to use your app every time you visit RaceTrac! Each time a qualifying item is purchased, you’ll be entered to win a prize! So easy! But, this amazing offer lasts only until September 2018.  So get playing now!

And don’t forget that RaceTrac has more than lunch and dinner! They are a great place to grab breakfast for your family – or the office! And with yummy food and a chance to win with each qualifying purchase? You really can’t lose!

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