Saint Patricks Day – Teaching Kids about St. Patrick

My wife’s side of the family is mostly Irish by heritage, and while I’m more of a mutt, at least a quarter of my lineage hails from the that distant green shore. This means our little girl is largely Irish. To help her understand Saint Patricks Day and who is Saint Patrick we’ve bought several kids books. Sure some have leprechauns, but others delve into what is Saint Patricks Day about. Here are a few good ones:

I get a tiny fee for any books you buy via these links. I truly don’t care if you buy any. I do, however, care that you read books with your children. For the past 4 years I’ve read to and put my daughter to bed every night. It’s wonderful quality time, and it costs nothing. Introduce your children to libraries. There are also free online book swaps. You don’t need to spend money. The important thing is to read with your kids.

Saint Patrick Icon with Irish Flag and Shamrock

As each new holiday approaches I’ll update this page with new books, so while it’s about Saint Patrick’s Day this week, soon it will be about Easter, then Independence Day, et cetera as the seasons change…

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