Parenting Kids in Today’s Complex Connected World

Do you have questions or expertise to offer about child development, or children education tips, or wonder how can I find my child on the web… or on a map? Are you looking for a good website for kids, or have questions on how to teach children about technology? The new parenting & technology focused site, can help! It’s a new, free, members-only community that has taken on the somewhat lofty goal of helping “parents give their kids a head start in this connected world.” - Help Parenting Kids in Today's Connected World

I just visited, and here are few of the vast array of questions being asked and answered today. Are typing skills more important than handwriting? Who owns the right to your kids’ school work submitted electronically? When my child runs up huge in-ap purchases, who’s responsible? How can I teach my child electronics if I don’t know much about them myself? Should gaming be a family activity? Is the Kindle suitable for children? Should I encourage left-handed son to use a mouse with his right hand?

The site is still in beta, but I find it quite nicely designed from both a functional and esthetic point of view. It’s broken up into many different interest areas such as: Apps, Child Development, Education, Gaming, Health & Well-being, Life Hacking, Safety & Privacy, Social Media, Toys & Gadgets, Video & Films, etc. I’ve only just joined, and should note this post is non-sponsored. They don’t even know I’m writing it. So far I find the concept of behind the site intriguing, and its early implementation well executed.

As parents we often have questions that other parents could help us answer, if we could just connect with them. This site tries to fill that void with a mix of topics, mostly in the area of technology, kids and parenting. How good are the answers? They vary in quality, but most are good, and hopefully will improve as the site’s membership grows. Have you heard of or used Check them out if you’re you an expert who can help, or are in need of help from others who have blazed this parental path before us!

Where do you go when you have parenting questions?

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