Why are there no ads on adaddyblog.com?

I’m sometimes asked why there are no ads on this blog. The easy, albeit incomplete answer is, this blog is named “A Daddy Blog”, not “A Daddy Started a Blog to Make Money”. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against making money, but that’s not the point of this blog.

UPDATE: Thanks for your feedback regarding the ads. Most felt as long as they are targeted to the interests of my readers they are not as distracting as I had worried. I’ve added a couple back as a trial, and would love your feedback on whether they add value or are just obnoxious?

Our baby daughter with my wife and me minutes after birth

I started writing it when our wonderful daughter was born. Initially my intent was to use this space to chronicle the experience of being a new dad. What I discovered with time is my posts broadened into many other subject I’m also passionate about.

Sometimes these topics are serious, sensitive subjects like dealing with miscarriage or a dad’s thoughts on breastfeeding. Just as often, though, it’s just me sharing my quirky sense of humor in posts like I Hate Dora the Explorer or 20 Things Guys Should Never Wear!

Boxes for clearing closet clutter

Recently, I have been taking stock of my life, and shifting my attention away from commercialism and acquisition, and focusing instead on living intentionally. As a result I’m taking some first fledgling steps to a more minimalist approach to our home and lifestyle… focusing on the things that matter.

What does that have to do with this post? Not having ads on my site feels more relaxing, in the same way entering a clean, clutter-free room feels in my home. I hope it feels that way to you, too? A sort of simple, non-cluttered esthetic that compliments this shift in my overall lifestyle.

minimalist office space

I’m new to the whole minimalism thing, and if you looked at my closet you’d see I’ve still a long way to go! I’d love your thoughts and advice about how you’ve adopted, even if in just small ways, a more intentional, less commercial focus in your life. Please share and leave a comment!

pinterest_button-50p.s. I just created a new minimalist-living board on Pinterest with photos to inspire as we begin our least less cluttered, more intentional journey. Do you know any good boards I should follow, or blogs that might be a good resource for decluttering or living more minimal?


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  1. Congratulations, Michael!
    I’m sure you have stumbled upon, and consumed ZenHabits.net content. If not, please check out Leo’s wonderful thoughts and advice on the subject.

    I agree, it feels more peaceful, and focused on what really matters to you…your daughter and wife.

    I see and feel that in each and every post and tweet.

    To be honest, I have trained myself to ignore ads everywhere. I use them on MommyLoves.com, because people visit that site to buy a product – if mine doesn’t fit, maybe someone else’s will?

    I don’t use them on ParentEntrepreneurSuccess.com or the accompanying podcast, Parent Entrepreneur Power on iTunes. This site, and podcast is information based, and I want to share the knowledge and expertise I have gathered from the lives of other successful parent entrepreneurs to help parents find their own entrepreneurial success, while still raising their own kids…not dropping them off at day care!

    I LOVE your new direction!

    I’d follow you regardless, not because of the presence or absence of ads…because your content, voice and personality are AWESOME!

    Keep it up, my friend!

    1. You are far too kind, and I really appreciate the support and kind words. It sounds like you’ve forged this path well before me, and I can learn a thing or two or a thousand from you. I was aware and had browsed zenhabits.com, but must spend a bit more time there looking through his archive. Thanks again so much for all of your support!

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