HELP…I need a Minimalist Intervention!

No sooner do I write a post (read it here) about my fledgling attempt at living a more minimal, less acquisition oriented existence… do I find myself lusting after the new 2015 Mini Cooper Hard Top.

2015 Mini Cooper Hardtop


But it’s kind of minimal, right? “Take two. They’re small” I hear the photo whisper coyly to me. I mean just look at that clean muted palate. Yikes! HELP… I think I need a minimalist intervention!

Should I buy one? Maybe two? They’re so darned cute! I just want to pinch their little fenders! Who’s a good little car? Who’s a good little car? Seriously somebody. Help me!


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  1. You are too funny! Could you even fit in one?

    1. I saw a Mini Cooper in a parking lot years ago with a baby car-seat in the back. It fit, but barely. It’s moot whether I can fit in it anyway, as it makes no sense to buy a new car when I have a perfectly functional all-wheel drive Subaru that’s less than 10 years old. I drive very little, so my mileage is quite low on it. Haven’t bought a new car since my BMW in 1985. Kept it for 12 years.

  2. I have a 2011 Mini Cooper S. Always wanted one, so a while back, I made it happen. Have to say, LOVE the car. Total blast to drive, makes me smile when I get in it to either take a road trip or go to the grocery store. It has its downsides – not too comfortable on the highway, requires premium, stuff breaks from time to time – but who cares, it is fun.
    Oh, and it is absolutely worthless as a Dad car. The car seat barely fits in the back and there is little to no room for the kid. But hey, we have a big Volvo SUV for him/that, so all good.

    1. Yeah, I love the go-cart-like feel. I’ve written about them more than once in the past 10 years. I’m sure my friends are tired of hearing about it. 😉

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