Is “Sexy” Too Much Ask?

As some of my readers know, I’ve has been toying (emphasis on the word “toy”) with the idea of a new vehicle for some time. I currently have a 10 minute, no-highway commute to the university where I work, and am thinking something more green than my gas guzzling Grand Cherokee may be in order. I even went so far at one point to consider a Vespa scooter, but then realized there was no way in hell I could possibly look sexy on a Vespa.

Okay, I hear you asking, what does looking sexy have to do with buying a new family car? Guys, back me up here, when you ladies hear us guys say things like we want a car that’s “safe”, “reliable” and “green”… translated from guy-speak what we are really saying is we want something that’s “sporty”, “fun” and, oh yeah, “sexy”. We’re not asking for much. We dads already leave the house with spit-up in our hair, toting your pink diaper bag.

scooters are not sexyAnd we understand that wanting a sexy vehicle may be childish and smacks more than a bit of a premature mid-life-crisis. But damn it… we want one! So back to the Vespa idea; ignoring the likelihood of an early death-by-pickup-truck, I’ve concluded unless you’re leaning against one parked on the Piazza Navona with a lovely girl on your arm, there is no way to make it look sexy. Plus putting a baby seat in a side-car is likely frowned upon?

Recent medical studies have linked low testosterone count to driving minivans. Okay, I made that up. But how do we find a safe, reliable, green vehicle (remember to run that through the aforementioned guy-speak translator) that will handle a small family like mine? “Green” cars have never been that attractive . Early hybrids were pretty far from sexy, and the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf & upcoming Ford Focus EV’s are barely better.

Tesla Model S


And so, I feel it’s time to publicly express my lust for the Tesla Model S. This fully electric car offers luxurious space, seating for five adults AND two children, and a second cargo area under the hood. And it’s outfitted with the latest safety engineering. In guy-speak, it’s sexy. Very sexy. 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, with a 120 mph top speed, and it will have a 300 mile range battery pack option. Oh, and did I mention it’s safe and green?

Don’t ask how much it costs… just think of how much you’ll save! James Bond (as portrayed by Sean Connery… the only real Bond) would be proud to drive one. So can I have one… can I… can I… can I? Okay, I’m done with my childish rant. Learned that from my 2 year old, and I suspect it will be equally ineffective. So, have you thought about getting a new vehicle? What are you considering… or what would you consider if you could?

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    • Megan (Best of Fates) on at
    • Reply

    A real man could make a Vespa work.

    So get on it – your public can’t wait to read about it!

    1. Ah but Megan, here in Texas where we all have an oil derrick in our “back forty” and two F-350 crew cab pickups in the garage, a Vespa might not be the safest choice. Though I do appreciate your vote of confidence that I might be able to look sexy riding one. Nope, one of the aforementioned monster trucks that prowl our roads would almost certainly pick me off in the first week.

      1. Ooh, in Texas too? That adds an entirely new level to it… I don’t know that anything besides a diesel dually crew cab will stack up in TX. I lived in Houston for a summer…. 🙂

        1. You lived in Texas one summer, Daria? You’re practically a native. I grew up in Vienna, Amsterdam & New York, but as the bumper sticker says:

          I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got her as fast as I could!

          My brother and I sold the ranch after my dad passed, but he did have a huge crew cab dually… and two Blazers and two tractors, etc.

  1. I drive a buick. My husband drives a camaro. He can keep it. My car has heated seats and dummy lights. That is sexy enough for me :0)

    1. As American cars go Buicks like the 2011 Lucerne don’t look bad, Bella, though at 17-mpg in the city it’s not the greenest of vehicles. And no offense at all to your hubby, as I’ve certainly eyed the new Camaros, in my case I’m afraid it’d scream mid-life-crisis. Not that the Tesla Model S wouldn’t scream the same thing, but at least I could scream back “ELECTRIC!”

      1. Oh the Camaro DOES scream midlife crisis, but who really cares? Have you seen the 2009 Camaro. In black, that thing is sexy! LOL

        I am sad to say that I do not know anything about green. Tell me my email doesn’t get publicized so I won’t get the hate mail, but I’ve not gone green yet. I’m still working on a full nights sleep and a hot cup of coffee.

        1. There’s no question the retro muscle look of the Camaro, especially in all black, is pretty sexy. As for going green, well, one step at a time. Honestly I’m also worried about gas prices skyrocketing sometime soon.

  2. That is a “sexy” car. My husband wants a Mustang… he does not care about the “green” thing (he is a Texan), or an Avalanche, or whatever shiny car he sees…

    I hate driving by dealerships…..

    1. LOL. Nothing wrong with a Mustang. If he can restrain himself and get the 6 cylinder it’ll get about 31mpg on the highway, and starts at about $22K. Just be careful about loading on the features… or that 412-HP 5.0! 😉 The car I pictured above isn’t out yet (it’s a 2012 model), but man I’d suffer and drive that to do my part for the environment. What a guy!

    • shelley (@momma_oz) on at
    • Reply

    Pretty sure that a Vespa only works here in Austin… but only slightly… I fully support your goal to obtain a sexy car! My husband keeps trying to convince me we need a mini van and I’m not having it!!! how’s that for role reversal? Good luck and keep us posted 🙂

    1. LOL. That is role reversal, Shelley! Yeah, Austin still has that funky college town vibe, and as such a Vespa might be moderately more appropriate. My wife would probably like a mini-van… maybe one with with a fold down TV in the ceiling, satellite radio, On-Star Navigation, a chauffeur and a nanny (while we’re dreaming). A Chevy Traverse would fit her bill pretty well. I’m not sold yet, though. That Tesla Model S looks awfully sweet.

  3. Dad’scan be sexy why not.. go ahead and get long as it has room for the car seat and the groceries you will be fine 🙂

    1. I appreciate that, Alex. As a dad I can at least try to be sexy… or drive a sexy car. There is little issue with this 2012 model from Tesla when it comes to baby seats and storage. It’s the initial sticker shock that will give many buyer’s pause. The optional 300 mile battery pack and high speed charging helps eliminate many of my concerns with EVs… until the infrastructure is in place to better support them.

  4. Well… currently I drive a GMC Yukon which gets about -10 miles to the gallon, not very green. Hubs and I have been considering a new vehicle but we still need a big rig due to family size and all.

    The GMC Acadia is quite nice! It is family friendly too! Not so green I don’t think though…..

    1. Yeah, I understand, Jennifer. My Jeep Grand Cherokee is certainly far from green. I’ve seen the Acadia as it’s part of HGTV’s Dream Home giveaway. It seems pretty nice for a big family, and at least gets better mileage than you’re seeing now. I’m still undecided, but fairly convinced gas prices are going to go up sharply soon… so good mileage will be important.

  5. No, sexy is definitely not too much to ask!

    We bought a new car recently and had done thorough (very thorough) amounts of research and decided that with budget and family needs (lots of sports and outdoor activities) the best option would be an estate car (station wagon). I was a little sad about this, but thought I could cope. It was ‘practical’ after all. Then when we were standing in the car lot and looking at the car of choice our eyes started drifting to the saloon version right next to it. The salesman saw this and asked us why we wanted the estate. ‘Boot space’ we said in unison. He opened up the boot of the saloon and showed us that the boot was the same size and the seats fold down if need be.

    We now drive a saloon. Not quite a sexy beast of an Aston Martin, but far sexier than a grocery getter of an estate car.

    Ive mentioned youin my blog post today. 🙂

    1. A Daddy Blog – Here’s one of the growing numbers of Daddy Bloggers and I think I may have a secret crush on his blog. He writes about interesting, varied topics that are not too different from any parent blogger but I love reading the guy’s perspective. Especially an articulate guy. And it’s a good looking blog.

      This incredibly insightful quote comes from the blog of an American expat in Britain. “The American Resident” is Michelle (or, @Michelloui on Twitter). She’s lived in the UK over half her life, but still considers herself American. Her first home in England was a castle. Now she lives in a former pub. Go check out her blog. Now would be the perfect time do do that. What are you waiting for?

      As for her comment, my American readers will note her use of words like Saloon (swinging doors and cowboys not included), Estate Car (which she kindly translates = Station Wagon) and Boot (not yet another cowboy reference)…. so it’s safe to say some of that UK stuff has rubbed off on her. 😉

      She does however make a good point (I mean besides about how great my blog is), one need not resort to a station wagon or SUV just to get the desired seating and storage space. Again, I point you to my new lust (no not Michelloui) the Tesla Model S. It’s got it all… and more than a bit of sex appeal to boot (again, not a cowboy reference).

  6. I am cracking up because we are in the market for a new car hopefully this spring and hubs and I have different ideas about what to get and look at. And, I am content to go and kick tires and he only wants to go when we are ready to purchase. Overall, I really just want something safe, gas efficient, and somewhat nice looking. Sexy would be a bonus!
    Stopping by from MomLoop today. Have a great weekend..

    1. LOL… reading your comments I feel I must remind you when your husband says, “Sure we’ll get something safe, gas efficient and reliable” he’s really saying “sporty, fun” and, oh yeah, “sexy”. Okay, maybe not your husband, Kim. I’ve heard as yet unconfirmed rumors of Dads that aren’t really man-boys in disguise. We’ll see. Glad you are open to sexy. I hear Aston Martin’s V12 Vantage isn’t too hard to look at… in case the Tesla Model S I’m in lust with doesn’t strike your fancy? Hey, I’m hear to help.

  7. My husband’s next car will be a Camry. Sorry it isn’t sexy! It does have huge trunk!

    1. Hi, D. Actually the Camry has been consistently highly rated and is a well made comfortable car. If you go with the 2.4-Liter 4-Cylinder Hybrid it’s even moderately green. Hope you three have a great weekend!

  8. I laughed out loud, at this post… I need to sit down, at dinner tonight, and ask my husband his thoughts on this as he simply won’t shut up about a pick up truck. Not even a big one, but a little f150 type… hmm…

    1. I have nothing against pickup trucks. They are everywhere down here, and my dad drove a huge diesel dually crew cab. But he lived on a ranch and I really do think gas prices are going to be climbing sharply. To be fair, I’m nervous about an electric only car before the infrastructure is in place, but a hybrid might be worth considering?

  9. Personally, I’m holding out for the Fisker Karma. That is down right bad ass. And while I detest the Prius and its even worse variants that soon will be plaguing our roads, the new Fords EVs and hybrids are at least decent looking. I like the C-Max Energi they just showed at the NAIAS for my wife when it is time to get her a new ride.

    1. I suppose I can see the attraction of the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid @ 403 hp & 100 mpg possible. And it’s not to hard on the eye’s either. Pay no attention to the fingerprints on the back window.

  10. Love your posts 🙂 Got a few laughs today reading it.
    I have an award on my blog for ya if you’d like to snatch it.
    I was tagged, now I’m tagging you .

    1. Thank you for your kind words on my blog, and also the award, Crystal. You are too kind. As for the laughs… well, whether you are laughing with me or at me, I’m just happy to give people a smile. I’ll pay forward the bloggy lovin’ soon. Have a lovely Sunday.

  11. I kinda love that car, but it needs a little something…..leopard seat covers,maybe? C’mon it’d look “hot!” Lol

    1. It’s a pretty sweet car isn’t it, Lydia? As for the leopard seat covers… you are just saying that because you think I’m not man enough to pull off leopard seat covers. Not true. They’d have to be real leopard skins though; it can’t be considered truly manly unless you cover your seats in something from an endangered species.

    • Kay ( on at
    • Reply

    I think we’ll keep our minivan for awhile…. I enjoyed your post. 🙂

    1. Hi Kay! Thanks for dropping by. I’m pretty sure my wife would prefer I get a minivan or the modern equivalent thereof. LOL. But a guy can dream?

  12. This is one blog entry that should be sent to Top Gear and let them answer it! 🙂

    1. LOL. Perhaps I should send it to Top Gear… great show. Thanks, Ann. I did send it to Robert (Bobby) Llewellyn most recently of “Car Pool”. He’s been pretty involved in EVs testing and had a few rows with The Register about them. But he has been pretending he doesn’t know me, which he doesn’t. 😉

  13. K, that car is totally hot, but I must add that a guy on a Vespa is dead sexy! Especially in our green society. Being a city girl my goal in life is a vespa!

    1. Okay, Kelly… I can totally see you jetting about town on a Vespa (well at least until a cab takes you out), but you’re a cute girl. I’ve seen guys riding Vespas (I work at a university), and it’s not the same. A girl is cute, even sexy on one, whereas a guy just looks like a dork. There goes my Vespa sponsorship. On an unrelated note, thank you so much for adding me to your “Blogs I’m a Fan Of” page. I’m so flattered. I keep thinking I’m going to find time to set up one of those myself, but haven’t yet. Soon. Play your cards right and you might be on it. 😉

  14. That car IS hott! And sexy. And you can fit a baby safely in there… it’s a win win for everyone.

    PS: A Vespa is pretty sexy as well.

    1. Thanks, Alicia. Sure it starts at $49,000 including $7,000 federal tax credit, but think how much you’ll save on gas if you drive it for the next 40 years? As for the Vespa, apparently you and Kelly are in agreement. Where I grew up in Europe in cool old cities where they were everywhere and no one wore a helmet… well they looked pretty cool. But no helmet anywhere is a bad idea, and in Texas it’s asking to be an organ donor. Nope, I’m pre-ording my Tesla Model S.

  15. i don’t know about sexy cars, but thought about the new “Plug In Cars”. have questions as to how much electric bill will elevate as well as when you go on a trip, where do you go to get charged. give me a minivan anytime. take care rosie

  16. You’re right that is a beautiful car but you are using male-logic to convince women why you need that car. Good luck with that with the wife.

    A family car needs storage out the wazzo and I doubt that sexy little number comes with DVD players and kid-necessary features. I’m pretty sure you aren’t really saving anything – you’ll just be paying it all upfront.

    I bought my last car solely because it had in-floor storage compartments and the front seat flips up for extra storage. O and the 3rd row in case I need some space between me and the kid! That is mommy-logic:)

    Go for the Vespa – your kids will think you’re cool.

  17. You’d be surprised at the gas mielage I get in my “green” and “reliable” ride.

    Then there is the REALLY green ride. Not even electric.

    And hey… Don’t knock the Scooter. But you can forget about a Vespa. Get yourself a nice import and just tape $3,000 to the

    dash. Same thing.

    1. Sorry. Tried to link to images. So that made no sense.

  18. But you can forget about a Vespa. Tell me my email doesn’t get publicized so I won’t get the hate mail, but I’ve not gone green yet. Stopping by from MomLoop today.

    1. Thanks so much, Tracy. No, your email isn’t published. My wife would never let me ride a Vespa with all the big trucks on the roads down here in Texas anyway. And honestly, doing it in Europe where where I grew up and everyone rode one is one thing, but I’m not sure I could pull off the Vespa look here in the States. 😉

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