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100s of Emoji Emoticons to Use on Your PC

Massive List of All Emoji Characters

Want to use those fun, color Emoji characters on your PC when not using your phone? Here is massive list of the most popular Emoji Characters to cut and paste.

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Top 10 Funniest Parenting Tweets & Quotes

baby duck taped to the wall

Kids Say the Darndest Things was an TV series hosted by Bill Cosby in the late ’90s. Kids, however, aren’t the only ones who say funny things. Top 10 funniest recent parenting tweets and quotes:

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Twitter’s Custom Timeline – Take that Facebook!

twitter custom timeline tweetdeck blog

Twitter’s new custom timeline tool allows you to create cool timelines easily using TweetDeck that you can share with family and friends!

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Huge List of Special Characters for Facebook & Twitter

Huge listing of Special UTF-8 Characters for use with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Sometimes I add special characters to my Facebook and Twitter updates. I do it for fun, when I want to send ♥ Love ♥, or to draw ★ Attention ★ to something.

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Help, I’m Addicted to Instagram!

If you have an iPhone or Android and want to share photos with your family or friends, what is the best app? Do you use Instagram, Snapbucket or something else?

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7 Twitter Tips for Bloggers and Website Owners

7 Tips for Bloggers New to Twitter

While there is no right or wrong way to use Twitter, there are better and worse ways. These Twitter tips are targeted at my fellow bloggers and website owners.

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Find, Follow & be Followed: #TwitterTuesday is hosting it’s second ever #TwitterTuesday Link-Up. A great way to find parents and other cool folks to follow… and of helping them find you!

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Find, Follow & be Followed: #TwitterTuesday Link Up

Following from @adaddyblog’s #TwitterTuesday Icon

I thought hosting a link-up on A Daddy Blog might be a good way of finding parents and other cool folks to follow on Twitter… and of helping them find you!

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