Twitter’s Custom Timeline – Take that Facebook!

If you’ve not figured it out yet, daddy here is a bit of a geek. Are you one of those people who tries the newest things out first, or do you wait until your mom is using it before you try? 😉 Me, I like trying new things. So when I saw that Twitter has a new tool that allows you to create cool custom timelines (take that Facebook!) that you can share with whomever you wish, I had to give it a try.

Once you create one, which is super easy using their TweetDeck webapp, you can simply add the Twitter timeline to your website. Just create your custom timelines (using TweetDeck), select the one you wish to share, set any options, and then simply copy and paste the code in the HTML of your page. Instead of posting, you can also Tweet your timeline or view one on I built this in two minutes flat.


You can choose what tweets you want to include by hand picking them or by searching on certain Twitter content. These are just a few random tweets of mine I dragged and dropped into a custom timeline that I aptly named “Sample of recent tweets”. To view them, you need simply drag the slider down on the right side of the tweets above to see more. This is just a sample I just created from a few of my tweets.

What do you think? Do you use Twitter at all now? If you do, there are hundreds of ways you can use this feature to share custom content with family or friends… or for businesses to add social media content to your business blog. Facebook isn’t the only game in town! I think it’s cool tool for anyone. Please share this if you like it… or if you hate it for that matter. I just love experimenting with a new tool.


    • alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) on at
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    good to know! twitter is sure keeping up!

    1. Thanks Alicia. I knew posting this would cause many of my friends to glaze over while reading it. I tried to explain why I like Twitter to my Mom yesterday, and she didn’t last long before the gazing began. Of course that may speak more to my communication skills? So happy you dropped by.

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