My Week of Elf on the Shelf Love Notes For Our Daughter

While she was out of town for a week, I wanted to ensure our daughter knew that daddy was thinking of her. Well, daddy and her Elf on the Shelf were thinking of her.  🙂

If Instagram and Pinterest are any indication, the phenomenon that is “The Elf on the Shelf” has really exploded this year after first appearing on the scene only 12 months ago. You can’t log into social media without encountering these often mischievous little fellows (and now girl elves as well).

What do you think, is The Elf on the Shelf cute or perhaps just a bit creepy? Most have embraced it as some harmless Christmas whimsey. To that end, when my wife and four year old daughter left town for a week recently to visit her Grampy and Grammy, I used the elf as a fun way of staying in touch.

girl elf on the shelf climbing wallAs originally conceived, the elf was a cute (or creepy?) way for busy old Santa Claus to keep tabs on all the nice (and naughty) children of the world. After its appearance at its assigned home, the elf hides in different places each day, and then flies back to Santa with an update while your child sleeps.

For the week my wife and daughter were out of state, I posed our elf in a variety of places and activities… ranging from rock climbing to Urban Cowgirl bronco busting (we do live in Texas, after all). Each day I sent a new photo so she could see what her elf was up to. Here’s a week in the life of our Elf on the Shelf:

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? Is it a girl or a boy? Ours is a girl. If you like any of these photos, I’d be honored if you’d PIN it! 🙂 Sending holiday hugs & smiles!


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  1. We acquired an elf this year — one that Santa sent for Mommy to play a game with the kids to remind them to be good.

    I love that yours likes music! Ours was ready to bake cookies this week!

    1. Send yours over here. Cookies sound good on this chilly day. Our seems to eat more food than she makes. 🙁

  2. We have a Boy and his name is Elfie. The kids love him. I try to hide him in places where the kids have to actually look for him. I also have him do crazy stuff in the house. He sat by the fireplace this weekend and watched the movie ELF after we were asleep and he was sitting in a bowl of popcorn. He has also taken the lipstick and colored my face. Crazy Elf.

    Elves rule

    1. Hi Scott. Yeah, our elf is pretty mischievous as well. We found “her” sitting in the middle of what was left of our gingerbread house the other morning, with icing on her face. 🙂

  3. No elf in my house. My kids are still oblivious to their existence and I hope they can stay that way forever.

    1. I just created the graphic below (stole the idea, to be clear) to show the darker side of the #ElfOnTheShelf! 😉 I probably won’t sleep tonight?

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