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Is Halloween less safe today than when we were kids?

Is it my imagination or is it really less safe for our kids these days? Part of me hopes it’s the 24/7 news and the Internet that incessantly informs us of the horrors around us that make things seem worse. Were those dangers always there, and we were simply blissfully unaware? What do you think?

Trick or Treat Halloween SafetyAs kids we roamed in packs on Halloween, ranging far and wide in search of sugary goodness. Did my parents worry the way I do now? Honestly I don’t think so. Is it more dangerous now or are we overprotective?  Me, I’m starting construction on a tower (think Rapunzel) for my 3 year old this weekend.

Have a very safe & Happy Halloween!

[notice]p.s. Here are some great Halloween safety tips from U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.[/notice]


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  1. Marci Fit vs Fiction

    I actually DON’T think it’s less safe nowadays. We, as parents, have just become more fearful. We tend to worry about everything..whether it’s warranted or not (I am certainly guilty of this myself)

    You’re right about the internet and media..when something terrible happens, we hear about it on the radio, on TV, the internet, then again on each of the hundreds of Tv channels we now have access too, etc..I don’t think there’s MORE evil out there..we just hear about it a lot more.

    I try very hard not to let me fears filter down to my kids..I want them growing up feeling safe and confident…and vigilant,of course.

  2. Alex | Perfecting Dad

    Hmm, no, I think we don’t remember from when were were very young. I remember roaming around in herds but that must have been in my double-digits already, maybe even my teens. I think teenagers can still roam around on their own safely.

    Actually, I think we were the scary ones. I distinctly remember bringing a can of hairspray one year to make the candles in some of the pumpkins really glow bright.

    1. Michael Schmid

      You may be right about us being older before we roamed in packs with our fellow tweens, Alex. Maybe I’ll loosen up and change my mind, but I’d be uncomfortable with letting a 12 year old girl do it today.

  3. Adria

    I was just thinking earlier about how it’s become TOO safe. We worry so much that our kids go to safe events rather than what I remember as quintessential trick-or-treating. Maybe when mine is older I will allow her to do the house-to-house thing. But I’d say the risks of that have always been the same. It’s never a stellar idea to let your kids take candy from strangers. But somehow we survive!

    1. Michael Schmid

      True… somehow we survived. 😉 It may just seem scarier now. Still, I’m starting construction on my Rapunzel style tower in the morning.

  4. Kathy

    I think it is as safe, or as dangerous as it was when we were all growing up. I remember my parents going through all our candy and coming with us till we were older. I don’t see as much of the older kids and night trick or treating, but isn’t that a good thing. Plus, most likely they have too much homework to do and don’t have time. That is one thing that is different!!! Hope you had a great Halloween!!

    1. Michael Schmid

      Yeah, it sounds like most of you think it’s pretty much the same? Interesting point about homework, Kathy. I know I didn’t have nearly the amount of homework kids these days have. Love your blog, btw.

  5. Brae

    Hehehe! A tower! For REAL!

    I don’t know- I think that bad things ALWAYS happened. When we were kids, it was a shameful thing if kids were kidnapped or molested and became dark family secrets no one talked about. Now a days, people point fingers as soon as possible- to the better in some ways, of course: Children get the help they need, parents take necessary precautions, and we get the bad guys off the streets. But in bad ways too: Parents being over protective and kids becoming expectant and lacking independence. I don’t think the world is a more dangerous place. It’s just more obvious.

    Our neighborhood does a trunk or treat and that’s it. I hate it. We come to my mom’s neighborhood to actually pound pavement and go door to door. People say the trunk or treats are safer. I say it’s only safer if your kid is 5 years old and you plan on letting him go alone. My dad went with me and my friends until we were in jr high and then, we were expected home one hour after dark. (unless we were at a party instead of trick or treating since that’s about when we stopped trick or treating anyway.) I don’t plan on sending my kids out on their own. And no one is going to grab my kid and take him or her in the house while I’m standing with my husband on the sidewalk watching them choose their treat. You know?

    Okay- following you on GFC, Twitter and FB. I”m here from the MBS alexa hop and I’m off to leave you a review on alexa. I’d love follows and a review back, please!

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thanks for the great comment. I suspect you are probably right. We likely are just much more aware, and at least to the good in some cases. My neighborhood just did a good old fashioned Halloween, and it was really quite fun. My wife and I both went with our little girl… and another mom and her little boy. Oh, and you think I’m kidding about the tower? 😉 I’m following you on GFC & Twitter, btw. A pleasure to meet you!

  6. JDaniel4's Mom

    I think the boys would just try to scale it.

    1. Michael Schmid

      Yes, but I won’t make the Rapunzel mistake. Her hair will stay shoulder length. And did I mention the moat. And the alligators?

  7. YUMMommy

    I think Halloween is still relatively safe but it is less than when I was a kid. I mean let’s be honest crime is higher today than it was say 10 years ago. If you live in a safe neighborhood, of course it wouldn’t seem unsafe but the truth of the matter is that a lot of people do use Halloween as a cause to stir up trouble.

    1. Michael Schmid

      Yeah, it’s hard to say, isn’t it? It seems scarier out there, and I certainly am quite protective of my little girl. That said crime rates started climbing in the late 60’s, but recently have actually dropped off a bit. As in all things it comes down to us parents to help our kids make the best choices (even if sometimes they are unpopular)?

  8. Anna

    I know this phenomenal. Thing are less safe nowadays. Yeah, they seem so at least. Or we are just more informed about life’s cruelty nowadays. I don”t know. But I would not let my kids go trick-or-treating alone, noo way. Am I a control freak? Yeah, maybe. :)
    I am expecting a picture of that tower!

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