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Happy Fathers Day Video Featuring Favorite Disney Dads

Don’t forget. Father’s Day 2014 is Sunday, June 15!

Like us, you will probably be very busy this Father’s Day Weekend, so I wanted to take this opportunity now to wish you and all the dads in your life a very safe and Happy Father’s Day!

The video features beloved animated dads with their kids from Disney films like Finding Nemo, 101 Dalmations and The Lion King with a special thank you to all of the real dads out there.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you’d like. Best wishes. ~Michael


So, what are your plans for the dads in your life?


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  1. Melissa Hourigan

    Very cute, I created a similar video for my husband.

    Great idea Disney.

    1. Michael Schmid

      Great idea, Melissa. My wife is excellent at editing videos. I should have had her make one of these. (No, that’s not a request if you are reading this, honey. You’re too busy as it is.)

  2. Mitzi

    Precious!!! Wishing you a very special Fathers Day!

    PS. Be sure to stop by my blog, you were mentioned. Hugs…

    1. Michael Schmid

      I’m honored. Thank you, Mitzi!

      1. Mitzi

        You are most welcome!

  3. JDaniel4's Mom

    I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Father’s Day.

    1. Michael Schmid

      Thank you so much, D. It was a truly wonderful Father’s Day weekend. My wife and daughter made it really special. Hope yours was great. Have a lovely week.

  4. Laurie Popovich

    LOVE IT! How smart & inspiring to see ALL the “Daddy’s” out there loving on their children. Thanks for sharing the love.

    1. Michael Schmid

      I do find a lot of great dads as I interact both in person and online with them. Many are a different generations/breed these days. Thanks, Laurie!

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