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5 Surprising Cameos & Easter Eggs in Disney Movies

I recently shared an Easter egg showing Rapunzel and Flynn Rider visiting Princess Anna in Arendelle for Queen Elsa’s coronation. That made me wonder if there were other Disney characters visiting each other in films. Here are 5 more such cameos that I found. Have you seen others?

Mickey, Donald and Goofy with King Triton in Little Mermaid

Mickey, Donald and Goofy visit King Triton in The Little Mermaid

Mrs Potts and Chip Cameo in Tarzan

Mrs. Potts and Chip (complete with chip) show up in Tarzan

Belle from Beauty and the Beast in Hunchback of Notre Dame

Beauty & the Beast’s Belle (book in hand) in Hunchback of Notre Dame

The King and Grand Duke from Cinderella at Little Mermaids Wedding

The King and Grand Duke from Cinderella at Little Mermaids Wedding

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  1. Justin Knight

    This is so cool! I hadn’t noticed any of those before. Nothing gets past me- geez!

    1. Michael Schmid

      I know. Apparently there are lots more, Justin. See my other post linked in the first paragraph for a couple in Frozen. I’d not have seen any if they hadn’t been pointed out to me. I made screen captures and highlighted a few here. Let me know if you find any more good ones. 🙂

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