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70 Top Movies by Year – What was #1 on Your Birthday?

From 1930′s “Tom Sawyer” through 2000′s “Toy Story 3″, here are 7 decades of top grossing movies for each year. What was the big movie the year you were born?

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7 Tips Parents Must Know About Child Safety in Hot Cars

As much as you and I want to respond, That could never happen to me! It could. Here are 7 tips that may save the life of your child or a friend’s. Please share!

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There’s No Place Like Homes!

My wife and I are down-sizing (right-sizing?) from our big Arlington Texas home to a gorgeous little “cottage” in Viridian DFW’s master planned community…

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Happy Fathers Day Video Featuring Favorite Disney Dads

VIDEO: Beloved animated dads and their kids from films like Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid & The Lion King with a special thanks to all of the real dads out there!

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15 Best Children’s Books for Summer Reading

Anne of Green Gables

Here is a list of 15 books I’ve put together to read our daughter this summer. What books to you recommend for a 6-year-old girl?

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Decluttering, Downsizing and Moving… Oh My!

Vintage photo of an exhasted mother and child in a cluttered room

My wife and I are in the middle of decluttering our home in preparation for downsizing to a much smaller new family home. Sounds easy enough, right?

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