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Firefly Gifts – For the Geek you love this Holiday!

firefly gifts shares affiliate links. These links cost you nothing, and help support our site. Just wanted to let you know!   I will never forget the goosebumps I got when my favorite Joss Whedon characters appeared for the first time in a long time – at the beginning of the movie Serenity! And while I …

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Make Money Clearing Clutter and Win an Orlando Vacation!

As parents we often feel decluttering our homes never ends. Maybe it doesn’t, but here’s a way you can cut the clutter, earn some cash and WIN A TRIP to the most magical place in Orlando, Florida!

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Mr. Rogers on Scary Things in the News

When the nightly news is dark and frightening, I find quotes like the following from Mr. Rogers help provide comfort and renewed confidence in my fellow man…

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Farmers Branch Aquatic Center, Brings Big Family Fun!

Farmers Branch fitness

Thanks to Farmers Branch Aquatic Center for sponsoring this post. In a world full of electronics and busy schedules, the Farmers Branch Aquatic Center brings something rare to the table – a chance for good old fashioned family fun! Located in the heart of the Dallas & Fort Worth area, this large facility sits in …

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I Miss You Dad

There are certain times and life events during which the absence of loved ones is most acutely felt. Thanksgiving, Christmas and the birth of a child I’ve found rank high among these. So at this joyous time of year, please indulge me a brief sad moment.

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Jessie J Wants to be Part of Your World

The English singer who brought us R-rated pop hits like “Bang Bang” takes on the beloved The Little Mermaid song “Part of Your World”. Should we be worried?

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Watching the Film “He Named Me Malala” with Children

malala ambassador

Why See the Film He Named Me Malala? The film fosters awareness of issues surrounding the importance of girls’ education and shows how the ordinary person can take action to help girls around the world. The film tells the story of Malala, and her struggle to make education for girls a worldwide right! Who is Malala? …

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Household Dangers – 5 Things to Watch Out For!

Everyday Poisons in Our Homes (1)(1)

Our children are precious to us. We talk to them about stranger danger, and we baby proof the house! We do whatever we think we need to, to keep them safe! But there are 5 Household Dangers you may be overlooking. Things common to most homes, and yet they can be deadly for children. Be …

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A Walk to Remember – On Our Anniversary

The walk about which I am writing doesn’t concern the film of that name, though both are love stories. The walk I’m writing about is a trip down the isle of a church that my wife and I took nine years ago today. And really I’m writing of a journey… about the independent paths we walked alone to get to that wedding, and the walk we’ve taken hand in hand ever since.

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