What would You do if You Won the Lottery?

I figure you have the same chance of winning the lottery whether you play or not.
~Fran Lebowitz

Do you play the lottery?

I noticed that “Powerball” and “Powerball Winner” were trending on Google today. Do you play the lottery? I must confess I don’t. I stop in the local convenience store most mornings, but my only vice is coffee & the occasional donut. 😉

Won $245M Powerball - What will they buy with it?My not playing doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about what I’d do with that $245M Powerball Winning Ticket if I was the one who’d bought it in Connecticut. Mostly I think I’d breathe a deep breath, and do very little different.

As the farmer who won the lottery said when asked what he was going to do with his winnings, “Keep farming until it’s all gone.”

What would you do if you won? I say I’d “breathe a deep breath”, because I’d stop worrying so much about providing for my family. I almost typed “that’s a guy thing”, but in truth, women are probably feeling that pressure just as much?

Won $245M Powerball - Would you buy this?So fantasize with me for just a moment. What would you do with your $245M Powerball Winning Ticket? Would you move? Build a new house? Travel? Retire? All of the above? Me, I’d probably take more chances career wise. Should we do that anyway?

What would you do if you won?


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  1. I don’t play the lottery but that doesn’t keep me from fantasizing about what I would do with my winnings! I would pay off all my bills & mortgage. Those have gotten pretty hefty with 3 layoffs between hubs and I in last 3 years. I would let one of my struggling single mom friends move in to the house and live here as long as she needed/wanted. My kids and I would move to the same state as my husband, buy a house and live under the same roof again! I would gift some $ to family members and friends, donate to some charities & invest some. We would take a family trip all over the world.

    1. Hi Robbie. I’m sorry to hear things have been so rough lately for you guys. Mine is not a political blog, but it’s hard to understand why politicians on both sides don’t realize how badly so many are suffering. I love that once you settled your debts, your next thought is to helping others. That’s the America I love. Thanks again for your comment, and I wish you, your family, and friends much success. We all need some of that.

  2. What I would do if I win the health lottery draw? Hm… Well if I start, I may never stop. So will keep my ambitions to myself for now.

    1. What is the UK’s Health Lottery draw? That’s a new one to this Dallas boy, but then I’m not much up on any of them, really. Thanks for dropping by, John.

  3. We don’t have the lotto in Hawaii. I do fantasize a lot about what I would do if I ever played and won.

    Stopping by from the MBS alexa blog hop.

    1. Now some might say you’ve already won the lottery if you live in Hawaii? I don’t play either, but I also fantasize about fun things to do (once I’m sure all of my family and friends are taken care of for life). We used to travel a lot before having the baby, so I’d love to do more of that again. 🙂

  4. I would tithe some and get my husband and I new cars.

    1. Sounds great, Deidre. You can put car-seats in an Ferrari can’t you? 😉

  5. I don’t play the lottery..but is there anyone that doesn’t fantasize on what they would do after? or what they would buy? I think if i was to tell you all I would buy and pay I would sit here for the day just typing hahaha …

    1. Yeah, some people think so small. Of course one would want to pay off debts, and their friends and families debts, and friends of friends debts, set up trust funds for the kids and their kids and their kids, donate a butt load to charity, maybe buy a new car, and I’d also buy Pluto. I know it’s not a planet any more, so I bet I can get a good deal now?

      1. hahahahaha… I think a house ( a good size with everything included) for me and mine would be my number 1 thing and everything else …. Ohh great now you got me thinking hahhahaa

        1. My wife and I have entered for the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway a number of times. Those are always so nice… complete with everything you need to move in. They had a few I’d have seriously considered moving across the country to live in. Though, cash would probably be better?

  6. As crazy as it sounds, the very first thing I would do is find a family who doesn’t think Christmas is going to happen this year and take them on a shopping spree.

    Ultimately, I would build a house closer to my husband’s job (he has an hour and half commute right now and and get him the badly needed new car. Mine is in pretty bad shape too, so I’d probably pamper myself with a newer car too.

    I’d still work, but would also fund something to invest some money in for a nest egg. And Speedy would finally have a college fund. We’d probably go on our first family vacation too… to Disney World of course!

    1. Hello, Ivy. I don’t think that sounds crazy at all, in fact I think it sounds wonderful. Wow, a four and a half hour commute? That sounds horrible. Yes, house near his work sounds like a great idea. As do some new cars. I’m sure we’d do our first family vacation, too. And yes, it would be to Disney World. 🙂

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