Vampire Baby Names

It’s the latest thing.  Name your baby after a vampire!  Actually parents of baby boys appear to favor werewolf names over vampire names.

You think I’m kidding?  The U.S. Social Security Administration has come out with its list of the most popular baby names for last year.  In 2009 the most popular baby name for girls is Isabella and the most popular boy name is Jacob.  Sound familiar?

Photo of Twighlight's Bella & Jacob

I confess I’ve not read the Twilight books nor have I seen the recent movie “New Moon”, but even I know these are the names of two of the lead characters therein.  Sadly it seems the other lead character, the vampire Edward, didn’t even make the top 100.

Score a point for Team Jacob.  Now in all fairness Isabella and Jacob have been popular  names prior to the initial publication of the Twilight books, but I’ve no doubt at least some parents chose a vampire or werewolf name on purpose.  Now that’s scary isn’t it?


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  1. I named my first boy Nosferatu. It suits him.

    1. Love your blog, Don, not that you give a cr@p. 😉 As for your boy’s unfortunate, albeit apparently appropriate name I’d have thought you’d have gone for something more classic like Dante le Mort or Eliezar Joachim. Too emo? No matter. Any of these would get his butt kicked on the playground on a regular basis. Thanks for dropping by. Have a night.

  2. The twilight movies are a rage. Naturally, people get a little quirky and so goes the names . I believe that the next movie comes out in June, I’ll go as I saw the 1st. two. Ilove the Vampire Diaries on TV. Do you think this gramie is going nuts? Oh! can I name my next grandchild, you’ll never know what I may suggest.

    1. Hi Rosie. Thank so much for dropping by. All jokes aside, I like the name Isabella just fine, though not because of Bella in Twilight. As for Jacob, it’s got a double whammy on it. Not only is it one of the lead charters in “New Moon”, but it’s also a mysterious, pivotal character on the TV show LOST. I’d not want our child (or his friends) to think he was named after one of them. I might as well name him Damien. Have a very happy Mother’s Day!

  3. I’m frightened for the next generation… and also a little annoyed. I liked the name Sawyer- but Lost ruined it!! 🙂

    1. Well, the good news is that by the time a boy born now was old enough to really think about the source of his name LOST will be far enough in the pop culture past that it probably wouldn’t be an issue. Besides you could tell him it came from Tom Sawyer.

  4. If they were two silly names Id be worried about people but Isabelle, Isabella etc is a nice name as is Jacob so long they arent calling them after fruit like the celebs a while back i.e apple, peaches etc :S

    Actually I have to say I love the name Noah after watching the Notebook too many times 🙂

    1. Hey, it’s our favorite Irish artist! Thanks for dropping by, Ann. Yes, the names really aren’t really bad at all. At least they are not Damien or Beetlejuice. 😉

    2. p.s. “Noah” eh? You hopeless romantic. 🙂

  5. How about Dru, Darla, Angel and Spike? 😀

    1. LOL. Sure, then how about Harmony (not very goth I guess) or for that matter The Master (aka: Heinrich Joseph Nest). See two can play this game!

      1. Let’s not forget The Chosen One. *AND* if we’re talking werewolves too, let’s add Oz. (I could go on.) 😛

        1. You are right, we can’t leave out Oz. Oh, and Willow (remember her evil vampire counterpart from another universe)… we can include her as both witch and vamp?

  6. Hi Bella and Jacob,

    i saw the new moon last night the only thing i can say is that you both are wonderful couples and keep up the good work ahead wish you both best of luck

    1. I’m sure they happy to have such a good fan.

  7. wanted to even add that since morning when i got in to the office i am just searching the new moon’s pictures Bella and Jacob and you would not believe i have saved a total of 135 pictures of yours and still want to find some more…… and at the end want to say this to those people who ever is readying me please please watch the new moon movies outstanding one


    1. So I’m guessing you’re not on Team Edward? 😉

  8. nope

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