The Pirates are Coming – To Scarborough Renaissance Festival

UDATE: If you are in the Dallas area, the last three days of this festival is this Memorial Day Weekend. Here’s a bit more about it:

Step through the gates of Scarborough Village and feel your cares slip away. Thrill to the thunder of hooves and crash of lance on shield at the joust. Watch in amazement as birds of prey swoop just inches above your head at the command of the Royal Falconer.

Enjoy swordplay, comedy, music and other unique entertainment on 21 stages. Witness artisans create one-of-a-kind works of art. Browse 200 quaint shoppes for unique handmade jewelry, clothing, leather goods and other offerings. Feast like a King on food and drink from around the world.

Grab a turkey leg and stroll among the villagers of Scarborough. Spend the day in the 16th Century and have the time of your life.

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Festival? Did you take kids? Did you and they enjoy it? I’m toying with the idea of taking my family to the local renaissance festival. The theme last weekend at Scarborough Renaissance Festival was PIRATES! ARRRR!


Here’s what’s on tap (besides the ice cold Guinness) for Scarborough Renaissance Festival near Dallas this weekend:

Weekend Activities
This is it, the last weekend, the final three days of the season! One last weekend to embrace the magic, music and merriment that is Scarborough Renaissance Festival. Two of your favorite acts return to help us celebrate the turning of the season; Doktor Kaboom and Owain Phyfe. Doktor Kaboom will be on the Crown Stage with Don Juan and Miguel and Owain Phyfe will be appearing on the Sea Hag stage in Pecan Grove at 12:30 and 3 pm, as well as other locations throughout the day.

don juan and miguel at scarborough fair

© 2011 Southwest Festivals, Inc.

twig the fairy at scarborough fair

© 2011 Southwest Festivals, Inc.

To celebrate Memorial Day Monday, they will be offering their Two & Thirty ticket for the Memorial Day Monday. The ticket is only good for admittance after 2:30 and only on Memorial Day, May 30. This ticket will not be sold at the gate. It is only available online.

Finally, the Cat and Fiddle Wine Tasting will be featuring “Flynn’s Favorites”, six wines that have been personally selected by your host Flynn Markley.

musicians at scarborough fair

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falconer at scarborough renaissance festival

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What do you think? Should we go?

Note: this is NOT a sponsored post, and I am not being compensated by Scarborough Renaissance Festival or Southwest Festivals, Inc. It just sounded fun. 🙂 And really, can you have too much fun?


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  1. Go! We went with the whole family this year and had a blast. Last year I took my son and left my daughter with hubby. I was worried the kids would get bored but both of them had tons of fun. We did bring a stroller for my daughter even though she is 2 1/2 and has long outgrown it. It came in handy especially for stashing all our stuff.

    You can get discount tickets at Tom Thumb for $1 less than online.

    1. The stroller is a good tip. We also have a wagon we might be able to use. Glad you all had fun. I’ll have to see what the weather is going to do and perhaps we’ll go. Thanks for the discount ticket tip!!!

  2. We used to go annually and took the kids; they were under 10 then. The whole family would dress in costume. My girls absolutely loved it. One year my family and my sister’s family went together. Her boys are the same ages as my girls and the boys hated it…but they were used to days spent with video games whereas my girls have always been independent creative out-of-doors children.

    1. LeeAnn, we just have a little girl, so maybe that would fun for her. Especially seeing people dressed up like princesses! 🙂 And if the weather is good, doing something out of doors sounds like fun. I may have to pass on the turkey leg, though. LOL.

  3. Surely you jest! You have to THINK about it? LOL You know I’d so be there if we were living closer. I so miss Scarbi. Be sure to take loads of pics….

    Is the weather going to hold up? (Diron just sent me a msg & said Stac was in a yellow zone on the weather map, means its either headed your way or passed you already.)

    At any rate…I vote you go for it & enjoy a pint of that Guinness for us while you’re at it. Hugs

    1. Hi, Mitzi! Yeah, right now the forecast is for 85°F and thunderstorms. Might have to play it by ear. If we go I’m bringing my camera in addition to Shannon’s so we’ll take lots of photos and videos. What are your weekend plans? Hope you and Diron have a great one!

      1. Our plans are pretty open at the moment. He’s off all next week to do some work on the roof (we have a wee leak) but our forecast is for rain also over the next few days. As Monday is a special day for us 😉 we might actually go do something Saturday or Sunday….though I have no clue. We shall see….sort of a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kind of schedule and see where we land.

        1. Totally off subject. Your blog is so lovely. It looks different every time I visit it, so I can see you’re working hard on it. Any other readers should go take a look:

  4. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. We take a wagon with seats where ever we go. That way we can fit in camera bags, water bottles, my purse, Abby, etc…

    1. We have a wagon like that, Terri. It has two seats and even has a sunshade over it. Thanks for the tip. We’ll definitely bring that if we go. Still waiting to see what the storms will do. They were pretty rough yesterday. Hope whatever you do this weekend is fun!

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