Make Summer in the South even Sweeter

I love living in the South. Others may complain about all the heat – but I love a sunny day on the porch or working in the yard. And once I’ve worked up a good sweat – all I want is a tall, cold drink in my hand. And it turns out – Racetrac has me covered.

Racetrac is offering guests FREE Refills on Fountain and Frozen drinks through the end of July during their Sodapalooza event.

sodapalooza racetrac

In the dog days of summer what refreshing beverage sounds the best to you?

A cold bubbly soda? A big sip of Southern Sweet Tea? A frosty frozen beverage? Racetrac has them all. And it’s easy to start getting your free refills. Sodapalooza let’s guests refill their 20oz Sodapalooza cup with fountain drinks & frozen beverages now through July 31st.

There is just one possible snag! You have to get your Sodapalooza cup before they are all gone!

Soda racetrac free refills

How to find a Sodapalooza Cup

Run, don’t walk to your nearest Racetrac! If you don’t see a display like the one pictured above – ask an associate if they have any Sodapalooza cups left. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they will be able to point you to some cups left! If not, try another Racetrac store until you find one of the prized cups. Some stores are already sold out.

The first Racetrac I went to had just a couple of cups left. But the second location I went to, had enough for our whole family.

Want another reason to get your Sodapalooza cup sooner, rather than later?

Inside your Sodapalooza cup you will find some great coupons for free food and drinks at RaceTrac! And also fun discounts to local family friendly attractions in your area as well. Just open the lid of your Sodapalooza cup and look inside!



Want more though? Download the Free RaceTrac Rewards app, to get a coupon for $2 off a Sodapalooza cup purchase.

—> That brings the price of your Sodapalooza cup  to only $9.99 for unlimited FreeFills all summer! <—

Why are you still reading this?! RUN!

Run to your nearest Racetrac, and get in on this amazing deal that makes the summer in the South even sweeter.

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