Summer in the South: Dad Essentials

Hot town, summer in the city…back of my neck gettin dirty and gritty. Let’s ALL sing!

Seriously though… summer in the Southern States is a beautiful thing. But it will help if you have a few hand dandy tools helping you make it through the steamy days. Here are a few Dad Essentials I need every summer, brought to you in partnership with RaceTrac.

Summer in the South: Dad Essentials…

Summer essentials for dad

  1. Comfortable Pair of Sandals – Because your kids are definitely going to bait you into chasing them onto the molten hot concrete. And the sidewalk will feel like blazing fire under your feet if you don’t protect them. No judgement here if you wear’em with socks either 😉

2. Cheap Glow Sticks Any 99 cent store is your friend here. They will have all manner of glow sticks, bracelets, and wands for your little bored cherubs. Southern nights can get long. Just whip those glow sticks out, and avoid a kid melt down. Adults have also been known to enjoy playing with them. I’ve just heard that. I don’t know myself…. lol.

Racetrac Swirl

3. Cold Ice Cream – It’s how you are going to get through the next 3 months people. Well, ice cream, and frozen yogurt… and perhaps also some sherbet. And luckily for you, RaceTrac has you covered! Make your ideal ice cream dessert with 10 flavors and 41 different toppings available for your perusal. I’ve sampled about 36 personally. Thumbs up. And swirling could win you some cash. See below.Swirl world

4. A Grill – How can you confidently call yourself a Southern Dad, if you don’t occasionally pretend your kitchen doesn’t exist, while you cook over actual FIRE?!? Our family likes a well grilled hot dog, but maybe yours likes a smoked brisket. BBQ, it’s the official smell of summer in the South!

5. Bottomless Cold Drinks – We’ve talked about the heat. This is your antidote. Stay hydrated and happy with Free refills at RaceTrac during Sodapalooza. I’m an unsweetened tea man myself. In case you want to bring a cold drink round the house. 😉

6. A Rocking Chair – At the end of the day, summer in the South is beautiful and precious. If you live here, you know. Sweat, and sweetness permeate the days in a small town. And when the day is done you need a comfy chair to watch the babies chase fireflies, and to say goodnight to the day. And feel grateful for another day of Southern blessings.

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Let’s keep living in the South – Sweet!


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