Sing-A-Ma-Jigs Cute or Creepy?

The Sing-A-Ma-Jigs™

Sing-A-Ma-Jigs™ from Fisher-Price

Am I really the only one who thinks this year’s hottest selling Christmas toys the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs™ are creepy? Here’s a video so you can get the full effect.

So, what do you think? Cute or creepy?


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  1. This is a daddy blog so I want say what I’m really thinking, lol! Between me and you, what the bleep is this? Omg, that thing looks scary, and sounds horrible.

    1. Yeah, these are pretty creepy. My wife says we are getting two for our toddler for Christmas. I’ll have to let you know how she likes them.

  2. That is creepy! What is up with the teeth?

    1. Right? I think it’s the teeth that weird me out the most. That’s why I zoomed in on the face in the photo.

  3. My daughter got two of these things for her birthday. They are both cute and creepy…. but I would have to vote more creepy than cute. They almost seem to communicate with one another… I know it is all a technological illusion… but still… YIKES!

    1. I’ve seen some of the movies with multiple Sing-A-Ma-Jigs “singing” in harmony. As you say it’s just an illusion that they are coordinated, but it seems that way.

  4. I saw these at the toy store. I thought they were creepy cute. I had a ball playing with them. They kinda freaked me out. But, I was obsessed with them. Ok…so I still am. When ever I see one I want to pick it up and play with it. However, my 7 month old grandson, who I might add loves loves loves a growling cookie monster toy that I got for him, HATED the Sing-a-Majig. Every time he heard it he almost started to cry. I chalked it up to him being tired. But, went back a week later and it happened again. So, needless to say there isn’t one on my list for Christmas gifts!!

    1. I’m with your grandson on this one. LOL. I honestly don’t think I could put my two year old to bed and turn off her light leaving her alone with one (or a pack) of those in her room. Yikes.

  5. i love these things! they’re really fun to play with. and when 2 get together they can talk to each other. think furbies, but you have to keep pushing the buttons for them to talk/sing.

    1. The video clips I’ve seen of them singing together is kinda cute, though as you say you have to push the buttons for each sound. I’m wondering if adults like them more than younger kids?

  6. I am very thankful that my kids are no longer little and therefore no longer clamoring for scary stuff like this. Nightmare city!

    1. Well, in all fairness to the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs, I did post the most creepy video I could find on YouTube. LOL.

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    I have never seen these before and I thought the pic you posted was creepy and then I played the video. I vote creepy all the way.

    1. Yeah… it’s something about that sucker like mouth with teeth. As I noted above this wasn’t the most flattering video I could find. Still they are kinda creepy anyway, agree.

  7. They are weird looking it looks like someone got one of those big hair scunchie things and stuck it on as his lips and I just cant get past that…hence why its weird!

    1. LOL… they probably did use big hair scrunchies for the mouths. They look kind of like big suckers, like a leach or something. Ewww.

  8. Toys are cute. Voice is creepy. Thank you in advance for tonight’s nightmares. 😉

    1. I’m sure it’s not the first time I’ve caused you nightmares, Faith. Are you in London or Houston right now. I can’t keep up.

  9. SCARY!!! That makes me happy my children are grown up but don’t have children of their own yet. And happy I’m not still teaching – would hate to see that at show and tell!

    Happy I found you through Mom Loop!

    1. How nice to meet you, Deb. Thanks for dropping by from Mom Loop. I’m told (by my wife) our home will definitely be invaded by a few of these. Wish us luck… especially after we turn off the lights at night. I’m not convinced they don’t get up and move around… with those creepy sucker mouths with teeth.

  10. Omg…no…it is not just you! Haha! Those are so weird looking! They look like they’re coming to life…lmao!! I know one thing….they won’t be in my house! Haha!

    1. Thanks, Stacy. Everyone has been raving about these things and how they were going to sell out at Christmas. I just didn’t get the appeal.

  11. I don’t know if cute is the right word but I’m totally fascinated by these. It does freak me out that my sons toys may soon be smarter than me! Yikes!
    Ps. They must not be photogenic bc they aren’t AS creepy as your photo! 🙂

    1. LOL, Jackie. Yep, I’m sure they will perfect those robot dogs soon, and they will be able to help our kids with their advanced mathematics homework. These little things, however, have very simple electronics and much of what they do (like appearance of singing in harmony) is an illusion. The can’t really communicate with each other, as some people suggest. At least I sure hope not. :0

  12. Oh my goodness it scared my to death. I wouldn’t want to go to sleep ever after hearing that good-night! And after falling out of the attic and pushing play it scared me and I might hear it tonight playing in my head! Because little noises startle me now like I might just flop over a leave or something! Final conclusion it’s hideous!

    1. So happy to have the original Lady Gaga drop by my site. Yes, that video makes them seem particularly creepy. I don’t think in general they are really that bad. Still, I don’t think I’d put one in the crib with my toddler and turn out the light…. no matter how much she begged me to.

  13. Yes they are definately very creepy and not only do they look creepy they sound creepy too, lol. I have 4 kids, a 6 year old twin 2 year old and a 3 month old and HELL NO I will not buy one of those I would be too scared that it might come alive and kill me in my sleep. LOL

    1. HELL NO I will not buy one of those I would be too scared that it might come alive and kill me in my sleep.

      LOL! That pretty much sums up my feeling on this, Rebbecca! Nice to meet you on Twitter. Thanks so much for dropping by my humble little daddy blog. Have a great week!

  14. A little creepy! Just what I want to sleep with and help me have ‘happy’ dreams. Yeah right! That thing is scary!!! I haven’t seen the video yet but I have seen the commercials though. Mad of course wants one. I told her that they don’t make them everywhere and we might be one spot that doesn’t have them. Yes I know, I’m evil! 😉

    1. Yeah, don’t think that’s gonna fly with our toddler. She’ll pull the Santa Claus card. Besides my wife already said she’s getting two. Let the nightmares commence.

      1. I’m so sorry!! lol You’ve got about a month of peace left!

    • kelley Simpson on at
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    Ok, I’m a bit late on this one but I have to vote creepy. I’m 100% on the same page regarding the creepy mouth with scary teeth. However, while I was watching the horrifying video my six year old daughter came up next to me and said to my dismay that she LOVED it! Then she said the words I feared the most, “I want one for Christmas!” to which I replied, “No way, I’m not having that creepy thing in the house.” So, now she’s mad at me and I’m just fine with that.
    I don’t really have the reputation among my children as one who changes her mind so I think we’re in the clear.

    Thanks for the heads up on this one.

    1. Hi Kelley. You daughter watched THIS video and loved it? Yikes. Good thing you’re the type of mom who makes decisions in front of the kids and sticks with them. Consistency is so important… especially when it involves keeping creepy, possibly possessed toys out of our homes.

  15. this is ugly and creepy. rosie

    1. I can’ t argue with you there, Rosie. Definitely creepy. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you and Gerry are doing grand!

  16. This is the first time I have seen these, honestly I would just not only rate these as creepy but nearly X rated…. Sorry…I may be old but my immature mind always heads down the gutter. I will stick with the Toy Story 3 action figures! Thank you for sharing….. they are weird….

    1. Now Jennifer… I have NO idea what you are referring to. Okay, I do, but I’m certain that any resemblance these cute little stuffed toys have to blow up sex dolls is entirely coincidental.

  17. Yes, very creepy and would probably be propelled out of a very fast moving car on the highway.

    1. …should probably be propelled out of a very fast moving car…

      Now I’m not trying to incite anyone to violence toward creepy toys. LOL. I think the trash can ought do the trick… unless you think they may claw their way out of there and back into the house? Hmmm… fast moving car it is.

    2. ……but would be at your house when you got home. MWAHAHAHAHA

  18. My child got their finger caught in the mouth of one of those at the store, they said it hurt so i tried it………. those teeth hurt.

    1. Yeah, there is something about those weird mouths complete with teeth that creep me out… even before I hear the sound that comes out. That the teeth actually could hurt a child is concerning. Yikes.

  19. Creepy as they are, they’re still not as bad as old-fashioned ventriloquist dummies.

    I never want to meet the psycho who designed THEM.

    1. Did you ever see the Anthony Hopkin’s flick with the ventriloquist dummy that may or may not be “alive” and controlling him? I think it was called “Magic”. Now that was genuinely creepy.

  20. Can anyone tell me why my little commenting picture is coming out as a pshycho christmas tree? I’m really much better looking than that…

    1. Per your question on why your comment shows up with a psycho Chrstimas tree (as potentially appropriate as that might be)… here’s the long answer. Unless you are posting on blogger (aka: blogspot via Google) hosted blogs (like yours) and as such logging in and using the photos associated with your blogger account, you will simply get assigned some sort of default graphic when commenting on other non Google (blogger/blogspot) hosted blogs. WordPress is probably the most commen blog software, and is what mine is using.

      The solution to this issue are Gravatars. Gravatar (an abbreviation for globally recognized avatar) is a service for providing globally-unique avatars. There’s a huge number of WordPress blogs using Gravatar on their comments so if commenting is one of your strategies to draw more attention to your blog, then you’ve got to register an account with Gravatar. You sure don’t want a default image to show up right next to your comments. As you saw, it’s ugly and annoying.

      You can register an account based on your email address and upload your avatar to be associated with your account. Whenever you post a comment on blogs that require your email, the blogging software checks whether that e-mail address has an associated avatar at Gravatar. If so, the Gravatar is shown along with the comment. I recommend you set one up, and make it the same as the one you use for blogger, so every blog you comment on has the same image. You can get one at

      Sorry for any typos… wrote this quick, but did want to explain. Have a great day (guess it’s Tuesday morning where you are)!

      Michael (aka:

  21. I recently happened upon these little things while shopping for the little ones. I will admit that I was almost immediately fascinated by them despite their creepiness. They do allow for the use of ones imagination in order to choreograph a detectable tune. They are cute in a creepy sort of way.

    1. I’ve seen videos of them in action that were moderately less creepy than the one I selected. You’d have to get a couple to take advantage of the simulated harmony they can “sing”. I still think they are kinda creepy. 😉

    • Barbara Lambert on at
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    Saw these on tv the other day. CREEPY!

    1. I agree, but (don’t tell my 2 year old) my wife bought her one and it’s going to be sticking out of the top of her stocking on Christmas morning.

  22. I’m with Jennifer with the creepy X rating. Almost along the lines of a ‘surprised’ Chucky doll with the appeal of the creatures from Critters.

    1. Almost along the lines of a ‘surprised’ Chucky doll with the appeal of the creatures from Critters.

      Yeah, that pretty much sums it up, Stephi.

  23. That is quite creepy! Could be somewhat useful though, you can tell your children if you don’t want to sound like this never start smoking. It sounds like one those voice things that people hold to their throat!

    1. Hey, John. I must confess I did post the worst video I could find on YouTube in order to make my point, but the one my wife bought our 2yo doesn’t sound all that much better. Hope you had a great Christmas. All the best in the New Year!

    • Barbara Lambert on at
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    Double CREEPY! What is with that mouth?

    1. I know! It’s got a scrunchy for lips and those teeth… don’t get me started on the teeth. Yikes.

  24. That is creepy… all over creepy.

    1. My wife bought one for our 2 year old and had it’s creepy little toothy head sticking out of the top of her stocking. She played with it for a minute and has shown no interest in it since. Wonder if there will be a market for these on ebay? Surely there won’t be any more made? 😉

  25. Hey There Adaddyblog,
    This might be off topic, however The holiday period is by now on us, and it was only a small time back that we have been getting the tiny kinds ready for Halloween with their adorable little costumes. But now it truly is time for the special Santa outfits to strike the shelves, and the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are accomplishing their piece. Fisher Selling price has launched a brand new Santa Sing-A-Ma-Jig to their line of lovable, plush singing toys for this Christmas holiday season.
    Kindest Regards

    1. Thanks for the warning, I’ll be certain to avoid stores selling those. Actually, to the best of my ability I’ll be avoiding all stores this Christmas. Bah humbug!

  26. I’d vote for ‘creepy’ although the adverts always make my 20 month old son smile. Clever marketing too, as you need to buy a few of them to get the proper effect. Let’s just say they’re not on our list to Santa!

    1. I’m with you, there. My wife bought one least year, and while I may have been guilty of making them look extra creepy in this post, it’s not much different in person. Yikes! Thanks so much for dropping by!

  27. If you time it just right one of them will sing, ‘Rinky Dinky Dink Skin’.
    Fantastic kids toy (Sarcasm)
    Offensive to those with rinky dinky dink skin??? I would say so 🙂

    1. Hard to believe Sing-a-ma-jigs were named Time Magazine’s Top 10 Toys of 2010!

    • Gloria Hernandez on at
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    1. I fear we must agree to disagree, Gloria. 🙂

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