2019 Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Have you taken your family to Scarborough Renaissance Festival here in the Dallas Fort-Worth area yet this Spring? My family just had a fantastic visit last weekend, and plan to go back soon! Here’s what you need to know to plan your trip.

My Daughter and I at Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Just south of Dallas, near Waxahachie, Texas, Scarborough is a great weekend outing with a wide variety of family friendly entertainment, nearly 200 shops (stock up on handmade birthday and Christmas gifts now), fun food… and for mom and dad, they also have an assortment of adult beverage options.

Strolling the shoppes of Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Strolling the shoppes of Scarborough Renaissance Festival

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival began  in 1981 (when it was originally called Scarborough Faire) and is in it’s 39th season! The festival runs 8 consecutive weekends each year, and in 2019 Scarborough Renaissance Festival is open April 6 through May 27 on Saturdays, Sundays, and on Memorial Day Monday.

Human powered rides at Scarborough Renaissance Festival

There are “human powered” rides for the kiddos for a small fee

The “village” of Scarborough is 35 acres located on a lovely 167 acre site, and is is one of the largest outdoor “juried” craft shows in the country! Set in the early 1500’s during the reign of King Henry VIII and his first wife (who kept her head) Catherine of Aragon, a cast of 150 bring Renaissance England to life.

A lovely day at Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Dallas Fort Worth

I asked for tips on Facebook from other fans of Scarborough Renaissance Festival, and  want to summarize a few of them immediately below:

  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes – As I noted above, Scarborough is quite large, so a great deal of walking is involved if you are to see it all. The paths are unpaved with a lot of small rocks. Wedge heels and stiletto pumps for women (or men) are not recommended, and closed toe shoes may help keep pebbles out.
  2. Bring Cash – There is an ATM onsite, but to avoid a line I’d pick up some cash before coming. One person recommended getting a roll of $1 coins at the bank. The food and beverage booths don’t take credit cards, and some of the vendors don’t as well. Most vendors do, though, in my experience.
  3. Buy the ProgramGet the program, especially if you’ve never been before, as it has a list of every act with its location and time, and a list of every vendor and where to find them on the map.
  4. Food for the Kiddos – You may bring in snacks, fruit, granola bars, veggies, goldfish crackers etc. in a small bag or backpack if you have small children. Baby wipes are a great suggestion for clean up on the go. Waterbottles (empty) and sunscreen are another good tip.
Did I mention that there are real fairies and mermaids at Strolling the shoppes of Scarborough Renaissance Festival?

Did I mention that there are real fairies and mermaids?

You can even get married there in their lovely wedding garden on site. We watched one being performed last weekend  Romantic! I’ve seen families rent kilts with all the regalia for the groomsmen.  Also, you can renew your vows at 11:30am in the Wedding Garden on Saturday May 12 and Sunday may 13, 2018.

Meeting a Mermaid at Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Dallas Fort Worth

I understand some people who have never been might wonder what the big deal is about a Renaissance Festival, right? Please just trust me on this; give it a try! I’ve never met anyone who’s been who didn’t love it and make plans to come back. Some of them (including my family) even dress up for the fun of it!

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Festival? Which one, and what did you think?

Notice: I do not work for Scarborough, and am not being compensated for this post. Just wanted to share the family fun with my online friends before the festival closes for the year after Memorial Day. Of course, they do reopen in the Fall as Screams Halloween Theme Park, with 5 haunted houses, professional actors, live music & entertainment!

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