Real Men Change Diapers

Girly Diaper BagI suspect my late father never changed a diaper. He was a great man, but he grew up in a time where fathers were less involved in such matters.  I on the other hand pride myself in my ability to remove a soiled diaper, clean, cream the wee ones bottom and put on a fresh one in 30 seconds flat. Sort of a home version of a Nascar pit crew challenge. The only think about being a modern dad that’s bothered me is carrying my wife’s diaper bag when my daughter and I are out and about together.Real Men Change Diapers BagIn fairness to my wife, the diaper bag at the top of this page is not hers. Hers is pretty subdued in color and styling, but still looks like a woman’s purse. Taking matters into my own hands I designed my own diaper bag on Cafe Press, and then like a kid with a new toy I designed a couple more items. I am really just a big kid at heart. I blog for fun and certainly never intend to earn income from it. That said, I love graphic art and playing with new things. So guess what daddy up and did? I opened a gift shop.

Becuase Daddy Said So's StorefrontOkay, “shop” is probably too grandiose a word. Maybe I should call it an gift kiosk? I must also make a disclaimer, should you buy anything Cafe Press will pay me whopping 10% commission. I’m hopeful I may earn enough for a venti latte at Starbucks one day. My gift shop is named “Because Daddy Says So” and you can see more fun gifts via the  gift shop tab at the top of this page. Let me know what you think?


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  1. real men DO change diapers. If they don’t change a diaper, might they be a little squeamish? my father never changed diapers. Praises to you for doing the right thing for your child. take care. rosie

    1. Thanks, Rosie. I image it’s in part cultural, and also the home you were raised in… or both. I certainly don’t deserve praises for doing the right thing. But thanks, nonetheless. Have a great week!

  2. Dad never really changed diapers much but at least my husband did when he needed to. He had to because I used to work evenings so he really had no other choice! lol

    Love the stuff in your ‘shop’! Cool! I love the Bazinga shirt!!

    I’ll have to get back to you on the favorite quotes… I used to have so many but it’s morning, Monday morning, and I haven’t had my coffee so you’d only get junk! lol

    1. Well, in all honesty it’s not like I’m fighting my wife for the privilege to wipe our babies bottom. She almost certainly does more than her share even when I’m home, but I try not let her have all the poopy fun. Yes, once you are adequately caffeinated stop back with those fav quotes.

      1. It’s great that you help out as much as you do.
        It was funny watching, or listening to, my husband change diapers. No matter how little it was he was always dry heaving!! lol

        Well I was caffeinated but I still didn’t come up with anything that I haven’t already seen before from there. Sorry… If I do think of anything I will let you know though!

        1. Perhaps he need this?

            • Nicole on at

            Exactly!! =)

  3. Kudos to you my friend for being the Dad who doesn’t mind the changing of the diapers! You are not alone in this, however from what I have heard, you are certainly in company of a rare few. Excellent that you now have your own “Store Front” Awesome!!! What a fabulous idea!

    1. Thanks so much, Mitzi. I’m a far from perfect dad, but I hope I do okay. Thanks for the complements on the store. It was fun to set it up. If I ever pay for that Starbuck’s coffee I’ll be surprised, but who cares.

  4. These are all amusing but your slant on EAT PRAY LOVE is genius.
    You need to copyright that yesterday, then get on the phone and market to high end dept. stores, they will buy in bulk, next you will be on HSN or QVC and be able to use dollar bills as wet wipes, not that you would.
    Timing is everything, do it now while the reference to the film/book is still fresh.
    David, NYC

    1. Thanks, David. So nice to have you stop by my blog again. Getting a complement from you on anything vaguely artistic (stretching the meaning of that word to the breaking point) means a tremendous amount.

      And I appreciate the suggestion about cashing in on my EAT PRAY LOVE baby couture tie in. I would never use dollar bills as wet wipes, you’re right. I’d pay someone to use them for me. Have a great week!

  5. Ummmm Michael those are awesome designs!!! Very cool! I want that bazinga shirt!!! I think its great you change diapers. One day when we have a baby, I don’t know if I’ll trust Martin to change diapers lol, he/she would end up wrapped up with a t shirt and some duct tape! although thats kind of like a cloth diaper, which would be okay:)

    1. You mean I’m not supposed to be using t-shirts and duct tape? I’m sure that’s just fine. Martin can buy a canvas tool bag at Home Depot to use for a diaper bag. It’d be perfect with all the compartments. Glad you like the Bazinga shirt. When she first saw it Shan asked me what it was supposed to mean. So she’s not queen of all things in popular culture. 😉

  6. Ok, so you are trying to get into my head and make me feel like a loser since I do do diapers..Man, I refuse to feel bad. Ok, maybe a little, but the wife does them so much better than me.

    Now I am man enough to carry a pink bag though. And nice work on creating your own stuff

    1. Hmmm. Via your blogs I’ve made a few brief incursions into your head already, brother. I’d never try to make another dad feel like a loser about anything. We do that so successfully all by ourselves. Besides your situation is clearly fully justified… it’s a quality and safety issue. You’re kids are much better off, Scott. You think I could convince my wife of that at this late date? 😉 Happy to hear you can work that pink bag, though.

    • Chaplain Donna on at
    • Reply

    My dad was always at work! He did not have time to change diapers, but I’m sure he would done what was necessary.

    My ex changed diapers, so men really do change diapers.

    I love the products! I may have to treat myself to a shirt. I like the “I tweet therefore I am.”

    1. Hi. Hope your week is going well so far? My father was rarely home at a time that would require diaper changing, so I do understand that. I think there has been a shift in at least some men to more involvement in such matters. I’m not in my twenties or thirties even, so that may also play a role. Glad you like the products in my “shoppe”. Oh, enjoyed your latest blog. I like that your focus included “life purpose”.

  7. Love it!!!! Loving your other shop items too! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ann! Coming from someone with a real online store with real art pieces, that means a lot. Hope you guys are having a great week so far.

      1. Bar being smothered with a cold and having a big red nose having a good week! 🙂

        1. Yeah, I read your nose was as red as your coat. At least you coordinate? I hear Bulmers is good for a cold. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. So what if the apple is in a can.

    • JDaniel4's MOm on at
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    My husband needed one of these when JDaniel was a baby. Since we didn’t have one, he never got into it.

    Thanks for all your kind words on yesterdays post!!!!

    1. Of course, D. I follow quite a few blogs, but yours is among my favorites. Thanks so much for stopping by. Was just squeezing online for a second while our wee one is in the bath with Mommy. Then I take her upstairs for stories and getting tucked in.

  8. Oh man, I love seeing all the other dads in a family changing bathroom with wives hovering and seeing the look of fear in the guys’ eyes when they’re finally clearly been forced to change a diaper themselves. It’s a point of pride that I can get it done quickly and efficiently.

    I always get a little freaked out when I hear about dads that have never changed a diaper. It’s either because they’re too scared, wives won’t let ’em, or they think it’s “women’s work”. I’m with you on the diaper bag though. I’ve been searchign for something with a little more “edge” to it. The flat point is this: If you’re too hung up about a little thing like poop, what are you gonna do when the REAL drama has to be dealt with later?

    Great to find you, I’ll be checking back regularly!

    1. As I’ve tweeted and probably said on your site itself, I love it. Very cool the way you’ve set it up by “The Mommy” and “The Daddy”. A really great approach. As for guys not changing diapers, I assume the same reasoning as you as for why they don’t. What do they do when there’s not a women there to do it? Maybe they never let that happen? My wife and I went to a hospital sponsored pre-baby class and I became the swaddling expert in our home. Now that was an important skill early on. I’m not sure if I’m better at diapers, but I’m certainly proficient. The nurses at the hospital showed me a lot of that just after the baby was born. My wife went to BlogHer in NYC this summer and was gone four days. What was I going to do, take the baby out back and hose her off when she needed freshening? Great to meet you, too!

  9. Yes, yes they do! Love the picture you included in the comments. Visiting from Mom Loop’s FF.

    1. I wish I knew where the picture came from so I could give it the appropriate attribution, but it definitely makes me laugh. Thanks for dropping by from Mom Loop’s Friday Comment Follow! Have a great weekend!

  10. Love, love, love it!

    1. Thanks so much, Jill. It was fun to make these. Hope you have a great night!

  11. Love your blog! More daddy’s need to embrace the joy of being the daddy!! You’re my Hero!!


    1. Thank you, Julie! I’ve enjoyed your artistic jewelry creations. Have a great week!

  12. Excellent post! I have a Sammies Penguin change bag. Very cool.

    1. Love it! How are things in Hertfordshire, UK, this fine day. I suspect cooler than Dallas? Actually we were blessed with our first truly cool autumn morning today. Just lovely. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. I’m curious to find out what blog system you are using?
    I’m having some minor security problems with my latest website and I would like to find
    something more risk-free. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Lucretia. I’ve used several blogging platforms and software over the past 10 years, including hosted sites at Blogger (Google) and at WordPress. I have been self-hosted for quite some time now, and find that WordPress (the software, not the hosting site) works quite well for my needs. There are a large number of plugins, and I highly recommend Akismet for spam protection. Used by millions, Akismet it’s a great way to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. Hope that helps!

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