Top 20 Signs You May be Obsessed with Disney

 You may be obsessed with Disney if…

  1. You’ve ever kissed a frog. You know… just in case.
  2. Your password is “mickeyminniedonaldgoofy” (because it said it had to be a minimum of 4 characters)
  3. You can’t understand why the gift shop in Fantasy Land doesn’t sell Pooh scented candles.
  4. You sleep in Tinkerbell pajamas, and wake up each morning singing “Zippity-Doo-Dah”.
  5. You insist your family call forks “dinglehoppers”, and you use one to comb your children’s hair.
  6. Your cellphones ring tone is “It’s a Small World”, and you let it play all the way through every time before answering.
  7. Your daughter’s bedroom is in a Rapunzel-like tower. [Wait, that sounds like a good idea to me?]
  8. You wonder why lanterns don’t appear in the sky each year on YOUR birthday too.
  9. Your soccer mom vehicle of choice is a polka-dot “Minnie Van”
  10. The bumper sticker on your Minnie Van says, “my other car is a carriage”

Mickey & Minnie Mouse - Disney Love

  1. You order the free Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD several times a year.
  2. You wear a Mickey Mouse watch, and always keep it set to Florida time.
  3. You have the Walt Disney World Resort’s phone number on speed dial. [My phone says it’s 407-939-7675?]
  4. You’re upset the original angry bird, Donald Duck, doesn’t get credit for inspiring the game.
  5. You’ve tried to paint with all the colors of the wind.
  6. You plan to chain yourself to EPCOT’s Imagination Pavilion doors if they dare replace Figment with Phineas & Ferb as rumored at one point!
  7. When you hear people talking about “the underprivileged”, you assume they are referring to those families staying off-site.
  8. You’ve dyed your daughters hair red for Halloween… TWICE. Once for Ariel and once for Merida.
  9. You know where most (if not all) of the hidden Mickeys are.
  10. You’ve read this list to see if I missed anything, and you’ve got about 20 more things I should have included.

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  1. There are worse addictions. Long live Figment!

    1. Right? I bought a Figment stuffed toy (really a large puppet) BEFORE our daughter was born because I liked him so much.

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