Parenting Advice from Jon Gosselin

Really? This is the guy you from whom you’d seek out parenting advice? Apparently reality TV’s bad-boy father of eight is working on a book with leadership coach Dr. Sylvia Lafair.

Jon Gosselin

Is it just a guy thing that I’ve never really cared for these reality shows anyway? You won’t find me waiting in line to be the first to get parenting tips from this guy. Just sayin’.


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  1. Gag me now. The man is ridiculous.

  2. No kidding, Shannon. According to CBS News (link in the post) “there is apparently no deadline or publisher yet. But a friend of Gosselin’s told the web site that interest in the book is high and Gosselin would like to capitalize on that.” Now I get why he’d jump at the chance to make some money before his 15 minutes are up, but who is going to go to his book signings? It boggles my wee mind.

  3. Just for the sake of argument,, I think he should be totally allowed to write a book on JUST about whatever he wants,, I mean he is a parent right? Why can’t he have thoughts and opinions about parenting. I mean thats what a lot of mommy (and daddy) bloggers do right? Its opinions, its not fact and to each his or her own.

    That being said,,, my opinions on someone who would BUY his book are probably aligned with yours… however I don’t buy books I like the library:)

  4. I’m with you about his right to write his book. It’s just a bit sad to think there are those who would care to read about his life, thoughts and opinions. It’s not like he’s me. Clearly my life, thoughts and opinions are worth every penny you pay for them.

    As for your support of the public library, I’m totally with you there, too. I also posted a blog recently about a book swap program that’s pretty cool. It’s not as good as the library, but you may be able to find something you other wise could not using it.

  5. I must say that I agree with Danielle. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe, just maybe, he’s learned some lessons. I have more to say about it at:

    1. Interesting take on it, Greg. Puts my rather flip pressure to publish post to shame. Hopefully either growing maturity (sadly not very clearly in evidence in his behavior) or perhaps guidance from his PhD co-author will tilt the book toward a lessons learned treatise from which we may all may benefit. None of us are perfect, that’s for certain. That said, I must confess I hold little hope of great epiphanies from Mr. Gosselin, but he gets his day in… um… Barnes & Noble.

  6. OMG no way!! Say it isn’t so!!!

    1. ‘fraid so, Mitzi. Though check out Greg’s interesting alternative take on it (link in a comment above). Perhaps it won’t be so bad after all. See you in line at the book signing.

  7. I guess we can learn what NOT to do…

    1. There by the grace of God… well, no… I’d never go there. But we can hope any readers take it as a cautionary tale and not a how to guide. LOL.

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