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baby on cell phone

Our baby girl is 20 months old and is beginning to string words together in a moderately coherent fashion.  She’s heard me tell our dog to “come”, and now combines that word into phrases like “Daddy cup come.” Meaning “Daddy bring me that sippy cup, and be snappy about it.”

At other times she will look me earnestly in the eyes and carry on lengthy soliloquies that are as yet gibberish to my ears.  She no doubt knows exactly what she’s saying… and is likely concerned about the apparently senile non sequiturs with which I respond to her insightful witticisms.

She also loves to talk on the phone.  Not actually to anyone.  She just carries an old broken cordless phone (sans battery) around babbling to imaginary friends and family.  I look forward to the conversations she and I will have soon when communication becomes a bit more two way.


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  1. I know! She likes that new word “come” as well as “go” which means she wants me to move somewhere…lol. She is such a peach!

    1. She’s a smart girl… learning so fast. 🙂

  2. loved looking at your blog. molly is so cute when she jabbers as well as saying words. one day, she will be as eloquent like her dad and even her mom. saw other posts that you did–great . the monitor device is such an important item to have. good choice.have a good wed.

    1. Hi, Rosie. Thanks so much for dropping by. Hope your week is going well so far? Molly is cuter than ever, and was jabbering away when I left for work this morning. *hugs*

  3. michael, i know that listening to molly jabbering is great. i wish that this gramie were close enough to hear her beautiful voice. maye one day we will move to texas. have a good week.

  4. It would be so great if you and Gerry could get some land perhaps with a restored farm house or something. Of course you have such a lovely place there in GA it will be hard to leave no doubt.

  5. Thank you for your blog. Thank you for the compliment. Peace be yours.

    1. Thanks Laura. Great to hear from you. Peace and every happiness to you, too.

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