Just Say No to Stupid Memes

Getting tired of the meme du jour yet?

It started innocently enough with a few cute kitties asking if “I can has cheesburger”, but then it spread. If I see another Ryan Gosling “hey girl” photo I’ll stick knitting needles in my eyes. How about those colorful, clip-art garnished “your-e-cards” attempts at humor?

Then people have the nerve to ask us to “like” or “share” their little snippets of bad taste. I say it’s time we reclaim the Internet from annoying memes. Let’s put our collective feet down and just say “NO!”Β  Please pin, share, retweet, and like this post if you agree!Β  πŸ˜‰

Batman slaps Robin. Just say "NO" to memes!

What memes to you love or hate the most?



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  1. The Ryan Gosling ones drive me batty. Why? Why is he Hey Girling me ?

    1. Personally I think he needs the same treatment as Robin up above. πŸ˜‰

  2. There are actually quite a few memes that are good; you just have to read between the lines to fully comprehend the real message. However, I agree with you that memes are also an outlet of stupidity on the web.

    1. I confess to finding a few funny, but ya gotta let daddy rant now and then. πŸ˜‰

  3. Fully agree with you on this one. Memes have to go. This trendy nonsense has overstayed it’s online welcome. I don’t care if it’s the “vintage” looking e card spokes model or Ryan Gosling, I’m ready to back up Batman and start slapping the people that like, share and repost! πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks, Griffin! Sadly I cannot stand here fully blameless, as I’ve shared a few myself. If one has nothing to say, it’s usually best to say nothing at all… including statements made via bad memes.

    • cox alviso (@Nice_Cox) on at
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    I featured your meme in my blog. I linked the image to your blog so that anyone interested will know my source. I hope you don’t mind. Thanks!

    1. Hey, Cox. No problem at all. Technically all content including graphics is protected by copyright, but I tend to take more of a creative commons view as long as proper credit (or blame) is provided. Great post, btw. Have a super evening!

      1. “technically” i don’t think it’s possible for you to copyright that batman comic image..
        i’ve also seen that same meme online http://zipmeme.com/meme/175028/

        nice zombie story tho!

        1. I’m sure you are right. Thanks for the kind words re my flash fiction attempt. Have a great evening!

  4. Agreed! Why are meme’s taking over the world?!?

    1. Beats me. I guess they are short graphic punch lines (no pun intended). I’m guessing many people are hoping to create one that goes viral?

  5. I think the memes are funny, but the people who over use and over share are what makes them annoying. The memgenerator, where you can make your own meme, just added to their notoriety since the people making them weren’t funny/didn’t understand it’s concept.

    1. Wow… you’re right. Some of them on that site are totally not funny… or I don’t have a refined enough sense of humor? Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Some memes are actually fun, some are just plain annoying, some are impossible to describe, like the late Mr. Trololo…

    I don’t know if I have one I hate the most… but I’m not a fan of any of them in particular!

    1. Hi Gabriel. Thanks so much for dropping by and for your comment. I must have gotten lucky in missing the meme that sprang up around the late Eduard Khil’s ’70s video (per your Mr. Trololo reference). I just came from reading several post on your blog. Love your tag line, “Disappointing readers since 2006.” I may have to steal that. πŸ˜‰ Have a great week, Gabriel!

    • christopher (@twistedxtian) on at
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    But they are so clever… πŸ˜‰

    1. Fess up, Chris. You love those “I Can Has Cheezburger?” cute kittie photos? I always suspected. πŸ˜‰

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