Is it Christmas Yet?

I know… in just a few months I’ll be moaning about how early the stores put up their Christmas displays this year and enduring Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” on muzak for the hundredth time. But right now, with temperatures nearing 100 °F and a new crisis each night on the news, Christmas is sounding pretty darned good to me.

Child under a Christmas Tree Waiting for Santa

I can almost feel the crisp winter air. Is that snow I smell on the breeze? Our baby girl will be nearing two and a half years of age this Christmas. I’m not sure how much she will understand of  Christmas yet, but I’m looking forward to sharing it with her. Perhaps seeing the holidays through a child’s eyes can return just a bit of that magic and innocence to us all?

Merry Christmas!


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  1. it”s a 100 today in Ga. yes, cooler weather is needed. children at your daughters age are very aware of everything. try to stay cool

    1. Hi, Rosie. I saw the weather for your area this morning. Try to stay cool yourself. At least it’s not so bad here right now while Gerry is out working on the play house. Have a great afternoon.

  2. 75 degrees here in CA. The weather here keep changing. Just keep yourself cool!

    1. Sure, rub it in, Gette. 😉 Wish it was 75° here. I understand the heat index here in North Texas today will be 104°F!

  3. I love Christmas! Just makes me feel good to see my kids get excited, because they get to see their cousins. 😉

    1. The holidays are wonderful, I agree. With our toddler in her twos now we expect she will really enjoy it this year.

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