Getty Images Now Free For Blogs and Websites!

Have you ever looked for free images to use on your blog or website and worried whether the picture you wanted to use in your blog post was free and clear of any copyright issues? Getty Images just took a huge step, making thousands and thousands of their photos free and legal for use on websites and blogs.

Free Pictures from Getty ImagesAll you need to do is visit Getty Images and search their images available to embed. They may not be used for any commercial purpose, e.g. in advertising, promotions or merchandising. But are free and clear to embed for editorial purposes, meaning relating to events that are newsworthy or of public interest.

So for example, if I wanted to write a post about how excited our 5 year old was (she was really excited!) that Frozen won Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Song, I can easily embed excellent photos from the Oscars like the following of Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell at the Oscars!

As our daughter would say, it’s “easy peasy”! Just Select the image you want to use in your blog or website from thousands of images available to embed. Click on the </> symbol beneath the image, and paste the HTML code that pops up into your website or blog.

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For more information visit Getty’s Imbedded Images page.


  1. Speaking as someone who was hounded by Getty for an image I didn’t find on their site, and had full permission to use from the actual image copyright holder…I’m skeptical, Michael. Actually I’m afraid to do this, but I trust you completely, so I’ll give it a go.

    Thanks for the heads up, Michael!

    1. Reading the fine print, it seems as long as you don’t use it for commercial purposes like advertising, promotions or merchandising it’s supposed to be okay. It’s clearly a tactic to get free advertising in situations where they could not get any revenue. Pretty smart really. I’d only use them if you’re comfortable, and based upon your bad experience, I can understand why you might not be.

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