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I will never forget the goosebumps I got when my favorite Joss Whedon characters appeared for the first time in a long time – at the beginning of the movie Serenity!

And while I still mourn the end of my favorite series ever, Firefly – I love that there is still so much merchandise available for geeks like me who want to continue to connect with the show!

firefly gifts

Perhaps you too, have a Browncoat in your family this holiday?

If so – you are in luck! Here are some of the gifts you can give any Firefly lover in your family to knock their socks off…

1. Firefly: The Complete Series

2. Firefly: The Game 

3. Ripple Junction Firefly Sudden Betrayal Adult T-shirt 

4. Quantum Mechanix Firefly HD Key Chain 

5. Quantum Mechanix Firefly Playing Cards 

6. Firefly: A Celebration (Anniversary Edition) 

7. Firefly Yahtzee Game 

8. I Aim To Misbehave Quote Firefly Decal Car Sticker 

9. Firefly Board Game: Kalidasa Expansion Board Game 

10. Ripple Junction Firefly Serenity Valley Adult T-shirt 

11. Firefly Clue Game 

12. Ripple Junction Firefly Serenity Ship Ornament 

13. Done The Impossible: The Fans’ Tale of Firefly & Serenity 

14. Funko POP TV: Firefly – Malcolm Reynolds Vinyl Figure

15. Serenity, Vol. 1: Those Left Behind (Paperback) 

16. Serenity: Leaves on the Wind (Hardcover) 

17. Quantum Mechanix Firefly Mini Serenity Plush 

18. Firefly Blue Sun Board Game 

19. Firefly Breakin’ Atmo Board Game 

20. You Can’t Take the Sky From Me – Hand Stamped Firefly Inspired Bracelet 

21. Serenity – Firefly Metal Keychain 

22. Firefly Tall Card Game 

23. Firefly 8-bit Serenity Ship T-Shirt 

24. Quantum Mechanix 14k Gold/Sterling Silver Leaf on the Wind Pendant 

25. Firefly: The Official Companion: Volume One 

26. Quantum Mechanix Firefly Brass Lighter 

27. Firefly (Original Television Soundtrack) 

28. Funko Legacy Action: Firefly-Malcolm Reynolds Action Figure 

29. Firefly Serenity Diagram Men’s Black T-shirt 

30. Funko POP TV: Firefly-Jayne Cobb Vinyl Figure 

31. Quantum Mechanix Malcolm Reynolds Dog Tags 

32. Quantum Mechanix Firefly Builder’s Plaques Metalized Sticker Set 

33. Funko Legacy Action: Firefly – Hoban Washburne Action Figure 

34. FIREFLY TV show cast 8×10 reprint signed photo by all 9 

35. Quantum Mechanix Serenity Little Damn Heroes Maquette #6 Novelty 

36. Firefly Kaylee-Inspired Messenger Bag – LIMITED 

37. Quantum Mechanix Firefly Online Challenge Coin 

38. Firefly The Game Customizable Ship Model 

39. Firefly word art print, 11×17 

40. Firefly: The Game – Artful Dodger Expansion 

41. Firefly Stab Me In The Back Mens T-Shirt 

42. Quantum Mechanix Leaf on The Wind Keychain Pendant 

43. Quantum Mechanix Firefly 10th Anniversary Poster 

44. Firefly: Fistful of Credits Board Game 

45. Firefly Jayne Cobb’s Sidearm Prop Model Kit 

46. Firefly Serenity We Shall Call It This Land T-shirt 

47. Firefly Serenity “I’m a leaf on a wind, Watch how I soar” custom license plate frame

48. Firefly: Jetwash Expansion Board Game 

49. Firefly Ship Dice Game 

50. Firefly Serenity We Have Done The Impossible Tattoo Style T-shirt 

51. Ripple Junction Firefly Jayne Hat Ornament 

52. Firefly the Game: Customizable Ship Models II 

53. Funko Legacy Action: Firefly – Zoe Washburne Action Figure 

54. Firefly Serenity Ship Ice Cube and Candy Tray 


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