Daydreaming About Walt Disney World

I was just taking a quick sanity break here at work, and found myself looking through people’s photos of their Walt Disney World vacations. I suppose it’s a bit voyeuristic, but it reminds me of the amazing times my family has had at the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s other resorts.

During my browsing just now I ran across the following photo. It’s perfectly representative of all the things my family and I miss because we stay at on property Disney Resort hotels. To be clear, I’m really not lamenting “missing” all of those kitschy souvenir shops. Much.


 How about you? Do you stay “on property” at Walt Disney World or do you save money (and that’s certainly a reason many consider off property lodgings) and stay outside the parks? As long as we can afford it, we’ll stay at a Disney resort hotel. We’ve gotten spoiled.

I love how they pick you up at the airport on their Magical Express bus. You tag your bags before you leave home and they magically appear at your room. I used to travel almost every week in my old job, and usually rented a car. I don’t mind leaving the driving to someone else now.

Grand Floridian Resort Monorail

If you have young kids and can swing it, you can’t beat staying at one of their resort lodgings on the monorail line. After a long day of fun at the park there is nothing like wheeling a sleeping child still in her stroller seat right into the monorail car without waking her.

I better get back to work. Just wanted to drop by and say “hi!” How is your year going so far? Ours has been super busy, but productive. Leave a comment with your suggestions and tips for Walt Disney World travel with kids. You’ll be helping others with your advice.



  1. It’s pricey, but worth it. Especially if you have kids who nap. We used to hit the parks in the morning, then *Walk* or *ride the monorail/bus* back to our Disney hotel for a few hours in the early afternoon, before going back to the park for more! As they get older, maybe we could stay off property. But I love the ambiance, cast members. and convenience too much!

    1. Hi Katy,

      I kept meaning to respond to your comment, but life got in the way. Yes, on our first visit we stayed at the Contemporary, where you can not only wheel on and off the monrail, but you can walk to the Magic Kingdom. It and the Bay Lake Towers are the only walkable onsite resorts. Being able to return to your room for a break when you have little one’s is priceless. Well, okay, not priceless, but super! 😉


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