Our Daughter’s Reaction to a Surprise Walt Disney World Vacation [Video]

Before our big Walt Disney World trip last week, I asked for your advice on the best ways to surprise our 5½ year-old daughter. Our Goal was to get her almost all the way from Dallas to our hotel Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort without her suspecting.

Daughter Surprised by Disney World TripYou gave us some great suggestions on how to surprise her with a vacation to the Magic Kingdom. Here is a video my wife at MilkandCuddles.com shot of her reaction as she found out upon arriving at the airport that she wasn’t just coming along on a boring business trip.

Have you ever surprised your child with a visit to someplace fun? We’d love to hear how you did that and how it went? In our case, as you see above, she was nearly in tears before transitioning to joy at the truth!

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  1. Thanks for my wonderful leaky eyes after watching that, Michael and Shannon! How precious!

    We surprised our boys with a visit from Mickey in our hotel room when we visited DisneyWorld. It was magical…really!

    The boys were 5 and 8, so they were still in that magical stage, and when we entered our room, we immediately saw the yellow footprints in the shape of Mickey’s shoes. Then, we saw the huge balloon bouquet, and presents on the bed…including a lifesize (for a toddler) size Mickey Mouse!

    The boys couldn’t believe that Mickey was actually in their room, and had left them presents, and a personalized note (in the Disney font) signed by all their fav’s – Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Pluto.

    It just added that extra excitement every time we entered our room…not that they needed any extra excitement, and thankfully were past the meltdown from overstimulation stage. (whew!)

    So glad you had fun…now back to real life. (with a little pixie dust carried in our hearts for as long as possible)

    1. I just wrote you a long response and must of gotten side-tracked before pressing enter. I’ll bet your boys loved that! Do you miss them losing that magical suspension of disbelief? I adore the joy in our daughter’s face at meeting the princesses. Makes me so happy seeing it!

      1. All things in their own time, Michael. I love having the more advanced conversations with them both. I am always surprised when I laugh at their jokes, because I totally get them and they are FUNNY, not cute. You will be amazed at the wonderful little woman your daughter will become, and you will enjoy each stage as it passes into the next. You will never be prepared for it, however. Just enjoy the Rockin’ Roller Coaster Ride!

  2. OMG this was so sweet!!! You guys are so great at recording everything on camera I hope I remember to capture as much with my wee one! After watching this even I want to go to Disney-world. Was a sweet sweet clip thanks a for sharing 🙂

    1. I missed this comment, Ann. Thanks so much for dropping by. We should plan a joint family trip to WDW sometime. Have a super week!

  3. I wanna go too!

    1. It was a blast, Justin. Of course we’re going through withdrawal now. 🙂

    • Mikkel Ulstrup on at
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    Hey Michael,

    Amazing video. What a sweet and fun way to give that kind of good news.
    I hope you had a blast. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I totally want to go myself now!

    1. Great to hear from you, Mikkel! We had a blast, and now she asks every other day when we’re going back. 🙂

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