CONFESSION: I am Considering Cheating…

A quick clarification:

I’m considering cheating… on my k-kup style coffee maker. It’s true, I have lust in my heart for something shiny and new (just like a man, isn’t it?), but we’ll get to that in a moment.

My wife has been teasing me that half of my tweets are about coffee. I’m sure not even a third are about coffee, nonetheless anyone that knows me knows I’m a coffee fanatic.

Wait… this blog post is about coffee?

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself, “I thought this was A Daddy Blog… why is he talking about coffee?”, then you probably aren’t a parent. Just sayin’

I lust for a new La Pavoni Espresso machine so I can make drinks like thisI’ve found very few parents for whom some some sort of caffeine consumption is not part of their daily ritual. What is your beverage of choice? Mine happens to be coffee… but not just any coffee.

So buy a new Keurig already!

Blasphemy! I’m sorry if you love your Keurig, but I grew up in Europe. My high-school cafeteria in Vienna had an espresso machine! Really. And so I’m just a bit picky… ‘snobby’ says my wife.

Note: Links below are affiliate links, and if you buy a coffee maker after clicking one, I might earn enough to buy a single cup of coffee at Starbucks… a small one. 😉

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Thermal Coffee Maker Single Serve & Full PotI’m not saying no one in Europe uses a drip style coffee maker, nor am I saying they make better coffee than we do in our homes here in North America. Wait… actually, I am kinda saying that.

What’s your favorite brewing method? Leave a comment!

A lot of people swear by their French Press coffee makers, e.g. Bodum. Are they called “Freedom Presses” now? Hmmm… but I digress. And some people swear by grandma’s percolator:

You can't beat Grandma's old retro glass topped percolator

One problem with drip, press and perk is the amount of time the water stays on the ground coffee. More time means it picks up more acidity… and on the plus side more caffeine.

So what brewing method do I prefer?

My goodness, you’re still reading this. I’m flattered. You must have had your coffee already today. I’m American, but as I mentioned I spent many formative years in Europe.

They say your taste-buds develop preferences as a child, and mine grew to prefer espresso based drinks. Did I mention “lust” earlier? So, pictured immediately below is the subject of my unnatural affection:

La Pavoni PPG-16 Professional Gold-Plated 16-Cup Espresso Machine, BrassThis gleaming beauty is a La Pavoni manual lever, piston driven bit of Italian engineering. You don’t need to spring for this gold plated brass model, but isn’t it sexy… er, I mean well designed?

La Pavoni says lever machines allow a better exploitation of the coffee powders. In this way you obtain “the cream of coffee” known as the true secret of the Espresso. I agree!

I know, I know… you’ve been fretting about what to get me for Christmas this year, right? So I thought I’d help you out with that part of your gift list. Thoughtful, aren’t I?

Leave a comment and let me know YOUR favorite beverage and how you make it?

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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  1. It’s a beauty that’s for sure! Hmm, easy to clean? Being a practical type, that’s one of my considerations I’m afraid. My beverage of choice is a cappucino (plenty of choc sprinkles) so I’m currently lusting after a new milk warmer/frother. I’ve managed to go through two in the last twelve months and, quite frankly, my days just aren’t the same without hearing that little whirring noise.

    1. Yeah, good point, it may not be the most practical choice, but just look at it. 😉 we’ve got a Nespresso machine that is super easy to use and clean.

      And per your point about frothing, I’d highly recommend (we just bought) their Aeroccino:

      *note: the images link to Amazon, but we bought ours at Williams Sonoma, and you can order accessories directly from Nespresso as well.

  2. Holy cow, now that’s the cadillac of coffee makers, for sure! I just keep scrolling back up to stare at it. It must put gold in the coffee or make you beautiful or something…it can’t just make coffee! LOL

    1. Well, this is the country that designed the Alfa Romeo 8C, Maserati Bora, Ferrari 308 GTB, Lancia Stratos & Lamborghini Murciélago to name a few. 😉 They might consider calling it a Cadillac an insult?

  3. I have my sights on the Tassimo espresso machine. So I can relate.

    1. Hey, JB. Let me know how you like it. I say that with the confidence you are much more likely to acquire the object in your “sights”. 😉

  4. Wow Michael that is very shiny! I don’t drink coffee, but maybe after we have a child, I’ll change my mind:) I wish they had a chai maker like that one though!!! I do wish that we had a barista at home, like a bell jingles and a starbucks window comes to the door and pops out a chai or a coffee! My drink of choice is a chai, and I’m sad to say, I am a chai snob too…there are so many out there with additives and corn syrup and milk solids, yuck, but there are great ones that are just tea bags that you add milk too with honey, or you can get the tazo chai tea (like they use in starbucks) and just add milk.

    ps my sister is a coffee snob like you so I will have to show her that maker!

    1. Hi, Nikki. It was great to see you and your sister in NY last week! Yeah, I knew you were a chai girl. I rather like it, too. Is there a particular brand beside Tazo that you recommend? Have a great rest of the week!

  5. I use a stove top espresso maker and LOVE it. I have a Bialetti that I’ve had for years. It makes great coffee and espresso. The only problem is finding replacement seals… but you can order them online and don’t need them often.

    1. Jenn, you have good taste. The Bialetti Moka Express stovetop espresso maker is a classic… and way cheaper than that other gleaming Italian import above! 😉

  6. I make tea by dipping a tea bag in water.

    1. Whoa… very retro, D. I’ve heard of these things you call tea bags. But are the gold plated? 😉

  7. OH my goodness! Can I say that now I too am in lust with that coffee maker?! Darn you! I am a huge fan of espresso and in a former life owned a espresso machine. I regret it was removed from my possession, but that is a whole other story! I miss my espresso cappuccino maker and with no Starbux near by, I have settled for the bottled Starbux coffee’s.

    Hubby and I are both huge coffee lovers and it would be awesome to have an espresso machine. (So now you have my Christmas list)

    Oh yes, and you DO tweet about coffee quite a bit but of course, this coming from one who once used the handle “coffee junkie” it should come as no surprise that I for one don’t mind!

    1. Hi, Mitzi. As gorgeous and nostalgic as that La Pavoni machine is, If I were to recommend an espresso maker for those on a budget based upon quality of espresso and ease of use/clean-up, I’d go with one of the Nespresso machines.

      I should note, however that it does tie you to purchasing their capsules. This should not be confused with the Keurig or other single cup machines. This makes true and tasty espresso. I’m not saying it’s cheap, but compared to the La Pavoni…

      And then to heat/froth the milk for cappuccino, I’d highly recommend (we just bought) their Aeroccino:

      *note: the images link to Amazon, but we bought ours at Williams Sonoma.

  8. I love, love, love my Keurig. Make my own lattes and use it to brew tea bags … I’m not a coffee snob. It works for me.

    1. LOL. The fun of writing this post was to allow myself to be a snob briefly. Shhh… don’t tell any one, but I’m drinking coffee from a convenience store at this moment. As for Keurig I’ve thought about getting one for my office. I do so love my little Nespresso machine, too, though. That’s what I’d be throwing over for the sexy Italian number.

  9. You had me at coffee.

    Love my Keurig. It’s a good thing my husband bought it for me, or after baby #3 I met have left him for the first man who would buy it!

    Based on the above pic…..I have clearly set my value quite low 😉

    1. Ah, see… two Keurig recommendations in a row. I knew as soon as I dis’ed it they’d come rolling in. LOL. I’m happy your hubby got you they Keurig. Ones coffee maker is not the measure of the man or woman… well not the only one.

    • Kelley Simpson on at
    • Reply

    Make that three for the Kuerig! I got this from my hubby for my birthday two years ago and I must confess I almost traded it in for some photo gear instead. Like a brats I was disappointed with the gift. Heavy sigh…

    We opened it and set it up and I have never looked back. I use it everyday! I love it and would say good morning to it right after I say hello to my computer. It is truly one of very favorite items in my house. It’s great for coffee xoxox, tea, hot chocolate, and oatmeal! The sky is the limit when the need is for hot water in 20 seconds.

    PS I am a coffee snob however, I have 3 children ranging from 7 to 18 and I don’t have the time energy to work for a fabulous cup of coffee.
    Nice to see you by the way! All the best!

    1. Wow, it even makes oatmeal? Now that’s something I could use for my 3 year old. Cool!! Great to see you, too, Kelley. We all get busy, but it’s nice to catch up a bit… over coffee…. or at least coffee talk. Our Nespresso and Aeroccino frother (links above) do make super good espresso, cappuccinos and lattes with little effort or cleanup. I’m afraid as much as I lust for the shiny Italian beauty above, I’d probably not enjoy going back to grounds management (not the park kind… the coffee kind).

  10. That is one sexy espresso machine! We have the Titanium by Gaggia and it makes a mean espresso. I prefer a good cappuccino.

    1. Holy cow, Diana. I just looked your machine up. Does it bake you scones, too. It’s amazing. Oddly, it cost about the same as the manual La Pavoni, but does it all for you. I may have a new machine to lust after.

  11. I love this and you! I have been using a stovetop maker for my iced lattes this summer. And all these times I’ve been here I haven’t clicked the follow you button? what is my problem? Happy brewing, and lusting!

    1. LOL. No worries. You knew were to find me @adaddyblog on twitter. 😉

    • Karen @ Goofy Can Cook on at
    • Reply

    I can’t let my husband see that or we’d have one in 3-5 days. He loves his Bodum but I know in his heart of hearts he wold love something like that.

    Personally I’m loving coconut milk in my coffee. Or making homemade mochas. Mmm, so worth the extra effort!

    Did you make any decisions on a new coffee maker?

    1. What brand of coconut milk do you recommend. I see a variety at WholeFoods. Didn’t know it worked well in coffee. Must try that. As for the hubby, many people swear by their French Press coffee makers, e.g. Bodum. They make great coffee and are a very low cost option. Best we don’t let him know things like this gold plated extravaganza exist?

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