Guys, You May be a Coffee Addict if…

Guys, you may be a coffee addict... if the first thing you thought when viewing this photo was, "Great looking coffee beans!"

As parents we often operate on suboptimal amounts of sleep. I noticed recently that about 50% of my Pinterest and Instagram photos have something to do with coffee. I may need an intervention!

What’s YOUR favorite beverage?

*Note: This self-assessment is provided as a public service and should not take the place of talking with your doctor or health care professional. 😉


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  1. I love sweet tea, but tend to drink water all day. My husband loves coffee.

    1. I first heard the term “sweet tea” when I returned to the US from Europe and then moved to Texas. I think it’s a southern thing? I’m with your hubby. My high school in Vienna actually had an esspresso machine in the lunchroom. I need to work on drinking more water, as you do. Thanks for dropping by my silly post.

    • Nori on at

    Coffee is addictive but isn’t unhealthy as told, it stimulates some of your inner organs but it has a positive effect because your circulation goes faster and your blood transports more oxygen.

    1. It’s practically health food! 😉

    • Andy Draven on at

    Yes dear, You may right, really i like it very much.

    1. Are you talking about coffee, Andy?

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