Check-In for Checkups: Bringing Health Care to Underserved Children

Can you imagine growing up without ever visiting a doctor? That’s the reality for some local kids; probably a family you know or even for some of you reading this now. As a parent, we know without regular access to health care practitioners, simple childhood health problems can lead to lifelong health issues as adults.

If you are like me 😉 after reading a paragraph or two you start to glaze? My dog has a longer attention span than I! You don’t need to read all this to help. Just skip down to where it says HOW CAN I HELP? There’s $100,000 of funds at stake, and it cost you nothing but a couple seconds of your time. I’m serious. It’s super easy!

Boy Kising Nurse at Check-In for Checkups: Bringing Health Care to Underserved ChildrenFor those of you who didn’t skip ahead here’s the deal: This summer, Clorox and the Children’s Health Fund (CHF) have launched a program called “Check-in for Checkups” and are challenging America (anyone, really) to make their healthy habits count twice – once for themselves, and once for disadvantaged children.

For EVERY healthy habit check-in on OR tweeted with the #checkinforcheckups hashtag, Clorox will donate 10 cents to CHF, up to $100,000, as part of its challenge to help support CHF’s goal of providing half a million checkups for children in need across the country. Here’s how easy it is to help:

[important]HOW CAN I HELP:[/important]

  • Option 1: Go to and share a health tip. You don’t have to sign in if you don’t want to. Enter anything up to 140 characters, e.g. “Go to bed 30 minutes early to get extra rest tonight.”
  • Option 2: Just Tweet your “check-in” instead using the #checkinforcheckups hashtag. In other words log into to twitter and post a tweet like: “I’m going to switch from whole milk to skim. #checkinforcheckups

Don’t sweat what to say when you “check-in”. Remember the point is to check in as many times as possible on the website or via Twitter using the #checkinforcheckups hashtag. Each time you do, it’s a donation to those kids. Just say something like, “Switch from regular milk to non-fat” or “Drink water instead of soda”. Easy, right?

Here’s the cool thing: You can do this over and over until we reach the $100,000 goal (or until December 31, 2011). I’m going to set up automatic tweets with TweetDeck to put out tweets ever day. Why not? And if you want, feel free to enlist the help of others by linking here so they understand how they can help:

Check-In for Checkups: Bringing Health Care to Underserved ChildrenCheck-in for Check Ups is coming to Dallas!

Want to meet me and others involved in this in person? This Saturday, August 13th, Check-in for Checkups is going to be here at the Dallas Farmers Market celebrating everyone’s healthy habits by encouraging them to check-in. Be sure to stop by to learn more about this great program, and don’t forget to check in your healthy habits!

Where: Check-ins for Checkups Booth at the Dallas Farmer’s Market
1010 South Pearl Expressway, Dallas, TX 75201

When: Saturday, August 13, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Check-in for Checkups Twitter Party:

Thursday, August 11th, there’s a Check-in for Checkups Twitter Party which is being held at 8p.m. central time on . So no matter where you live you can help… and have some fun! We will be chatting about ways listeners can make their healthy habits count twice and debuting Bethenny Frankel’s “Random Acts of Wellness” video.

For more detail on the Twitter Party, please see the Facebook event invitation here.

Please note: This is NOT a sponsored post. Comments are turned off. I’m sharing this because, like you, I want to do everything I can to help those one in five children in the U.S. who live in poverty… millions of children who don’t have access to regular check-ups and health care when sick. We can help, and it’s so easy. Please check-in often and if you’d like, feel free to share this with others. Thank you!