Best Orlando Stroller Rental for Disney World Vacation

Looking for a stroller rental company to use at Orlando’s theme parks like Walt Disney World? Orlando Stroller Rentals delivered a stroller to our hotel during our Disney vacation last week so that I could review their rental service. Other than that I was not compensated for this review, and the opinions as always are fiercely my own. Here’s what you need to know when you rent a stroller in Orlando.

Orlando Stroller Rentals ( promises to provide clean, safe and affordable strollers for families vacationing in the Orlando area. Spoiler Alert: I don’t mind telling you up front, they lived up to that promise and more! You won’t be surprised to hear they were founded by a Mom, who still runs it… right down to the white glove cleaning process every stroller must pass.

She was the original creator of the idea to rent high-end strollers to vacationers at Disney. Since opening in 2008, about 20 other companies tried to copy what they do. Some have lasted, many have not. Orlando Stroller rentals prides themselves in their customer service, and it shows. They are located very close to Disney, providing customers the assurance they are just around the corner if needed.

City Elite Single Stroller by Baby Jogger at Walt Disney WorldLet me back up just a bit. Why would a family want to rent a stroller in the first place? I don’t know about you, but I hate lugging a huge old stroller through airport check-in. And though small and light, there is no way a small umbrella stroller will be adequate for a Walt Disney World vacation. And frankly, one of many reasons I’ll rent from Orlando Stroller Rental is their strollers are far better than my own.

I really love the simplicity renting with them offers. You don’t need to be present when your stroller is delivered to your Walt Disney Resort hotel, nor do you need to be there when they pick it up. It’s super simple… they just deliver it to your resort hotel’s Bell Desk and it’s there waiting for you to pick up from their luggage room when you arrive. On departure day you simply drop it off at the same place.

The stroller we rented, by the way, was the City Elite Single Stroller made by Baby Jogger, one of the highest quality stroller manufacturers out there. I just looked and the exact stroller we rented would cost $400 to purchase. Orlando Stroller Rentals stock an excellent selection of single, double & light-weight strollers for rent from this and other manufacturers… even push-chairs for kids up to 100 lbs.

Orlando Stroller Rentals are also the only stroller rental company who has has been given the rights by Baby Jogger to be an authorized distributor. They have helped thousands upon thousands of families with their stroller rental needs in the Orlando area, and have the testimonials to back up their quality, cleanliness and customer service claims. Add me to that list!

City Elite Single Stroller by Baby Jogger

Does the idea of putting your children into a stroller used (and soiled) by other people give you the heebie-jeebies like it does me? It felt so good to know this company is run by a Mom who understands the importance of thorough cleaning after each rental with a non-toxic all natural cleaner. My wife felt really good about putting our little girl in the stroller we rented because of this.

Some of things I loved was the quality of the strollers they rent. Ours folded nearly flat with one hand. I saw others with unwieldy strollers struggling to get on and off buses. Ours was sturdy and very easy to maneuver, turning a 360 in our elevator with ease. Also, if you’ve been to Orlando, you know it often rains in the afternoon. Our stroller included a rain cover (see the picture) which really helped!

We stayed at one of Disney’s Resort Hotels on the Monorail loop, and can’t tell you how nice it was to wheel our daughter on to the monorail back to our hotel without waking her after a long day of fun. Also, if you’re staying at Disney’s Bay Lake Towers or Contemporary Resort you can actually walk to the Magic Kingdom theme park from your hotel, and the stroller made it very easy.

Bottom line, I cannot recommend Orlando Stroller Rentals highly enough. Their service was impeccable, and the cleanliness and quality of the stroller was absolutely awesome. Renting from a company run by a Mom that’s as picky was we are was a great comfort. Let me know what questions you may have about our experience. Another post you might like is one concerning the best Disney hotel for kids.


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  1. Oh my gosh! Having a stroller at Disney IS a lifesaver – and I love that this company is so fastidious about washing the stroller between renters! I also have total stroller envy – The City elite is way fancier than the stroller we had! Very cool!


    1. Right? I might not have thought about the benefits of a stroller since we don’t use one now that our daughter is 5½-years-old, but what a difference it made at Walt Disney World! You do so much walking when visiting Orlando’s theme parks… and it’s just too much for little feet. Loved that we could walk back to Bay Lake Towers (same for Disney’s Contemporary Resort) from the Magic Kingdom without waking her when she fell asleep after a long day of fun. And the monorail to BLT & DCR as well as Disney’s Polynesian Resort & Grand Floridian Resort gives you roll on roll off convenience when you have a good quality stroller. I’ll miss it when she’s finally too old for a stroller. Can’t recommend highly enough! 🙂

  2. We used them for our Disney vacation last year and it was great. so convenient and easy to fold and get on to the buses and our rental car. they also give you a free cooler bag to keep. we have the city select as our stroller at home and the city mini was much lighter, made us wish we had gotten one of those instead.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Sara. I forgot to mention the free cooler bag. We rented the regular City Elite Single. I hear the “Mini” is super if it meets your needs. Lighter and folds flatter? Either way, you can get an excellent quality stroller from Orlando Stroller Rentals, and feel secure it will be clean, well maintained… and waiting for you when you arrive!

  3. I love the citi mini, it goes and gets you in and around everything doesnt it!

    1. Hi D! Yes, I understand Baby Jogger’s City Mini is very maneuverable, lighter and folds even smaller than the City Elite Single we rented. Orlando Stroller Rentals has a bunch of different models in stock for your next Disney vacation. 🙂 Thanks so much for dropping by!

  4. We also LOVE them and have used them. Super convenient and clean, comfortable strollers! They are great to work with. My son fell asleep many times when he was 5 in one of them. Was a lifesaver to us when we got a spot for the electrical parade and he just slept through the wait while waking up right when it started!

    1. Hi Kim. Yes, they really provide a great service. You can tell a fellow parent (a mom) runs it. Loved how thoroughly they sanitize them. And you can’t beat the resort drop off and pick up.

      Per your comment about the parade, our daughter made it through the Disney Main Street Electrical Parade… though my wife didn’t make it through without first shedding a few tears from the wonderful childhood memories it brought back.

  5. Great blog!

    With such long walks around the big parks like Disney World and Universal coupled with the very expensive (and dare I say it – low quality of) the hire strollers at the parks, this is a brilliant business idea. Our kids are now 13 and 15 so won’t be able to benefit but I do remember how much money we poured into those plastic strollers at the parks and how annoying it was.


    1. You’re absolutely right about that. Of course as I get older I may see if I can get our daughter to push me around Walt Disney World. 🙂

    • Cheryl Stevens on at
    • Reply

    Happy little girl sitting comfortably in her stroller.

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