Beards at Disney World? Can the Apocalypse be Far Behind?

[warning]Warning: This blog post contains blatant, if perhaps unsuccessful, attempts at satire and humor. The world is NOT really coming to an end… I hope. And no dwarfs were injured in the writing of this post.[/warning]

Everyone is saying that the world is going to end in 2012… okay, not everyone… well, not really many at all, but I’m getting off subject. Apparently the Mayans warned us it was all going to end in 2012, and some wacko religious types seem to agree. Hopefully you’re not one of them, and if you are, hopefully you’re wrong.

Disneygeddon - Facial hair allowed at Disney for the first time!The definitive harbinger of the impending end of the world as we know it has just arrived. As of February 3rd, 2012, Disney employees at their Florida and California Theme Parks will be able to wear beards for the first time in nearly 60 years. I know!  And we were just planning our little girl’s first trip to Disney World.

The Seven Dwarfs are finally able to work at Disney World!Actually I should clarify; Disney employees will be able to wear beards AND goatees. Do you understand what this means? It means even someone like me, the Seven Dwarfs or Walt Disney himself could now work there! In all fairness, they did allow mustaches beginning 2002, 36 years after Walt’s death.

Walt Disney and his famous, now legal, mustache

What do you think? Good, bad or meh?

[important]p.s. We really are going to Disney World later this year, and this daddy would love some tips for travel to Disney with a just-turned-4-year-old.[/important]


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  1. Hello,
    I been following your blog, and I would like to say what an awesome job your doing. You have inspired me to start one of my own. Details to come, I took my 4yr old there for the first time in 2010. We also went last year. We have enjoyed ourselves very much. Our first year we stayed at the Nickelodeon resort. She had a blast and so did we. Last year we stayed at the liki tiki village. So much fun. I planned the whole thing for the 3 of us. My only advice to you is to pack a good pair of walking shoes and be prepared to stand in long lines for signatures for all the characters. We spent all morning and night gone. T hen did it again the next day. I usually pay for our vacation in Feb for the summer. But this year were staying local. Whatever you do, do not buy those passes outside the complex. Prepay and have them sent to you through a Legit company. Everyone will have a different say so. But these are my opinions because i didn’t want to make a mistake our first time for me everything had to be perfect. Word of advice if your bringing back souvenirs for anyone you can do a one stop shop at a local Walmart. You will find everything possible for half the price. Last year we shopped there before we went into the park. The signature books and pens are like 30.00 bucks in the park. At Wal-Mart there 10.00… I could go on and on but this is something you have to experience for yourself. I’ll post more comments once my blog is set up and live… Safe travels.

    1. Hi, Ron. My blog inspired you to write one? I’m very flattered. Please let me know what the URL is when you get it up and going.

      We need more dads weighing in on key topics. Plus, just as we are always wondering what’s going on in women’s heads, they probably would like to know the same of us? If you view my featured topics, you’ll see some of mine aren’t quite so silly as this one.

      You’re tips are very helpful. Thank you so much, Ron. My wife and I were looking at the Nickelodeon hotel off park grounds recently. Given how much my daughter loves NickJr, that might be an options, but I’m not sure if I can stomach waking in a Dora the Explorer themed room? Wrote a blog about Dora a while back. 😉

      Dropping by Walmart for souvenirs makes a ton of sense. We’ll probably shop for a few things at Disney outlets before we even go, to have their, e.g. a special themed lovey. Oh, and no kidding about bringing comfy shoes. You’d think that’d be obvious, but I’m starting a list ’cause I’m sure I’ll forget something important. Thanks again!

      1. hey Michael, I launched my blog last week. Just thought i would let you know. The url is I’m still following your blog which has fabolous content. Hopefully we can help one another out. Tell me what you think about it. It’s still a working progress. But just wanted to keep you posted.

        Thanks again for the inspiration.

        1. Heading over the check it out, Ron! 🙂

  2. Michael, my wife used to work at the Disneyland theme park and has mentioned a few times about the strict dress code there. This is a BIG shift , but I’m sure there’s a facial hair code to make sure everything looks “clean.”


    1. Hi, Mitchell. Great to have you drop by my humble home on the web. 😉 Yes, you are right. They have a very specific length (1 inch I think?) requirement for beards. Given I sport a beard sometimes (like right now) I was just poking fun at the furor. Clearly they have a wholesome image to keep up. Have you been to Disney World in FL? I’d love some tips.

      1. After 60 years, it might seem like the end of the world for some former employees. But I can imagine the current ones are delighted with the new code. Do you know what spurred the change? While I can grow a goatee better than a beard, and mostly choose to go with the shaven look, I find this interesting news.

        I haven’t been to DW but I feel it’s in the family’s vacation horizons. Well if it’s still standing beyond 2012. 😉 My daughters are getting big enough where they can get on most of the rides, and are constantly screaming “I want to go there!” whenever a commercial airs. Damn that Disney XD!

        1. Yeah, we’ve go all the Disney Channels, too, but mostly (our girl is just 3 still) we’re on NickJr and Sprout. 😉 Our daughter is all about the princesses though, so a character meal or two will be on our agenda. Oh, and about the beards, I have a goatee when I have one, for the same reason. Have a super weekend!

  3. I think it’s OK when there’s a special dress code for the staff at Disneyworld. I mean, there are so many jobs, if somebody wants to have a beard or mustache, than he could search for a job where it’s allowed. I wouldn’t like if my daughter was helped by hipsters:)

    1. I understand. While it wouldn’t bother me to be served by someone who looked like me (well not EXACTLY like me, that WOULD be weird), I know some people have issues with beards. See my photo at the top of the page. Gosh, I wonder if I’m a “hipster”? Thanks so much for weighing in, Catwoman. Any suggestions for taking a 4 year old to Disney?

  4. We took our kids to Disney when they were 3 & 4 years old – I summarized our trip here –

    We were hoping to go again this month but…maybe later this year…The kiddos still talk about it and we can’t wait to return…
    The most important thing is to HAVE FUN! There’s far too much to accomplish – you just have to roll with what you can!

    1. Thank you so much, Darcie. That’s great info! I just left a comment on your post. As you know we’re taking our (she’ll have just turned) 4 year old during one of their Value Seasons as well, in order to avoid some of the cost, crowds and heat. I really appreciate you sharing all of this. Anyone reading this should go check out her post if you’re looking for info on vacationing with younger kids at Disney World. Also check out the great comments people have left in my post immediately prior to this one. Thanks again!

  5. I don’t think it should be a problem. I didn’t even realize you couldn’t have one as an employee until I heard about the new rule on the radio.

    1. Thanks, D. I’m not worried. Mostly I just am looking for tips on taking a four year old to Disney World. Right now, I’m very interested in what the best hotel options are?

  6. It puzzles me why Disney employees were previously refrained from having facial hair since Walt Disney himself is sporting one. But it seems fine that they revised their policy. In this way, it means that Disney company is open to developing their policy based on the changes of time. I have read before that they change their policy to be able to fill their vacancy more from Latin based community. Anyway, thanks for the interesting post.

    1. Interesting. I’d not heard that about the Latin community. Do they wear beards more often than others? Yes, I included the photo of Walt Disney up above, as it underlined the hypocrisy of their rules. Not that I’d want any of this guys unruly hair falling in my 3yo’s dinner at Disney. 😉

      A bit too much facial hair for Disney World or Disneyland

  7. However… soul patches… FORBIDDEN! That means a lot of well meaning punk and rock stars can’t perform in the park.

    I saw this story this week and it made me laugh too. Beards? Really? That leaves out many popular Disney characters, including seven stars of the first animated full length Disney movies! The actors playing those characters can’t even get into the roles! And don’t get me started on Santa! Who wants a Santa with a fake beard? Hogwash!


    1. LOL! Well said, Ivy! I guess they’ve been going for that 50’s Leave it to Beaver look; none of that subversive Mod Squad or Monkees, jive!

  8. What is the world coming to. Is that Walt I hear rolling over in his grave?

    1. I know, it’s shocking. 😉 I’m sorry to be the bearer of such news… and facial hair.

  9. Food can be outrageously expensive at Walt Disney World and sometimes, of poor quality. There are also great things with Disney World, like a great way to get rejuvenated and re-energized for the next busy day is to take advantage of one of the luxurious spas that are located at the deluxe resorts from Walt Disney World. Those are actually the only products of his prodigious and rich creativity.:^

    1. One can save on food by bringing at least some yourself. You can ship it to your hotel from home before you leave, to avoid extra baggage costs. There are also grocers in the Orlando area that will ship to your hotel. If you are staying at a Disney on property hotel, you should see if they have any offers concerning their dining plan. Sometimes they throw it in if you are staying with them at select resort hotels. Thanks for dropping by, Ted.

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