15 Mens Fashion Fails – What Women Wish Guys Knew about Fashion

Gallery of Mens Fashion Fails:

Cargo Shorts - Gallery of 15 Things Women Wish Guys Would Never Wear Let’s face it, when it comes to fashion many of us guys are clueless. Have you ever gotten the, “Are you going to wear that?” question from your wife? I just got it from our 3½ year old daughter. Really!

So help us out ladies. Think of it like this, you’ll be helping yourselves out, too. What should guys never wear? I’ll get you started with some examples, but I need you to tell us what I’ve missed:

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  1. Michael,

    There’s this great little book “My Dad My Hero” from Ethan Long, creator of Disney’s “Zefronk.”

    The book’s spot on for dads and kids, but it has a nice little nod to dad fashion sense.


    1. Hey, Mitchell. Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely check out Ethan Long’s “My Dad My Hero”. I should be clear to those incensed by the dissing of cargo shorts later on in this post, that I spent most of this weekend in a pair. I just report the facts. 😉

  2. I really need my husband to subscribe to this blog!

    His dress sense makes me cringe most of the time!

    1. Ah, but then who would you have to make fun of? 😉

  3. Hey, a real man doesn’t wear baseball caps! Those things are for kids, I don’t like men looking like a teenager boy. And forget the white socks!

    1. There are times where the sun protection provided by a hat is necessary. I personally don’t wear ball caps, and definitely don’t wear them backwards. 😉 White socks with sneakers if fine… with sandals, not so much.

  4. So I may be a bit too rocker for this post… I like the skinny jeans, messed up hair and wife beater tanks (on the right men). It certainly doesn’t work for all though!

    I think the Clooney rule is probably the best though. Although I’d pick Johnny Depp over Clooney any day!

    1. I’m getting a pretty good read on your taste, Ivy. Sadly, I’m not hip enough for Depp… and definitely couldn’t fit into skinny jeans if I wanted, too. 😉

  5. Men’s in fashion are having so much fun with girls. Often, they have strong body, having hot and sexy. Mostly, do exercise and body building to maintain stone abs and sexy shoulder. Boy’s are in common. Some of them shame on their body.

    1. I see. No… actually I don’t. Hmmm.

  6. Mens fashion can be everlasting using permanent and classic styles. To look great in any fashion for men, it just pays to have basic understanding about fabrics, clothing details, and accessories.

    1. I agree, I think? If by classic, look to styles that aren’t trendy and quickly outdated, I agree. And fabrics like wool in suits, and cotton in shirts are classic as well. I say, “What would George Clooney wear?” And I’m guessing he’s saying, “What would Cary Grant wear?”

  7. Men’s clothes is ideal and fit to be wear on model varies on quality and standard size and style that can be suit to wear. Unlike girls, everything are meant for even model is awkward to look. Men are having difficulty in fashion trend industry because of minimal opportunity they can get.

    1. The good news is that I’m proposing men stay far away from trends. Go with what has been classic since the 1940’s.

  8. Girls attract when boys wear fashion clothes, either not that fashion. As long as, boys wear perfectly and he is comfortable on what he wear.

    1. One your second point, I’d agree, for men or women being comfortable (not feeling awkward or in costume) in what you wear is key. If you feel good, and are confident, it goes a long way?

  9. Great post..! Men are more comfortable wearing cargo pants with matching rubber shoes.. but I’d love to see them wearing skinny type pants in public places… Much better if they dress more conservative than dressing like an teenagers…! 🙂

  10. Hahaha just ridiculous

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