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Dear Daddy: I Miss You – A Letter from the Future

Love at First Sight - Daddy Daughter Photo

What if you received a letter from your child… a letter written in the future? What if you didn’t like what it said? What if there was still time to fix it?

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7 Tips to Save a Child from Dying in a Hot Car

More than 500 children have died in hot cars since 2008. As much as you and I want to respond, “That could never happen to me!” It could. So what can we do?

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40 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me

Not another boring survey!

Ever fill out the random surveys people send you? I almost never do, but just found one I filled out years ago. Bored? This won’t help. Can’t sleep? This will!

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Disney Princesses: Not So Happily Ever After?

Dangerous Damaging Disney Princesses

The handsome prince leaves you with 3 little prince & princesses to feed and an underwater mortgage on the castle? How does Disney prepare our girls for that?

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My Name is Daddy

I'm Proud to be Called Daddy!

I read someplace recently that the phenomenon that is the “mommy blog” has not taken off in the same way for “daddy bloggers” because men would not use such a demeaning way of labeling their work. Apparently there are those who believe that “mommy” and “daddy” are somehow inferior, less respectful, less respectable ways of being addressed. I don’t agree.

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Daddy Daughter Dance Shoes

Tanssitossut Daddy Daughter Dance Shoes

Finnish artist Haraldin Kenkä designed these special “Tanssitossut” (Dance Shoes) meant to be worn by a father and a young daughter for dancing together!

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A Parenting Lesson from Doctor Who

Parenting Advice from Doctor Who?

I’ve learned a lot from Doctor Who about being a father, not the least of which is how to say, “No.” Watch this video clip in that context… it’s hilarious!

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Have You Become Your Parents?

If mom's not happy, no one is!

I wondered if I’d do or say some of the same things as my parents. For those of you who have kids, have you become your parents? And what $#*! did your dad say?

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A Daddy’s Birthday Gift

My Mother and Me

Many, many years ago in a land far, far away… well, in Florida… a baby boy was born on this day. My father who took this photograph of my mother and me, passed away before he was able to meet his beautiful grand-daughter. If he can still see us, then this morning he saw my barely two year old girl sing… really sing… “happy birthday to you” to her daddy.

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