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When my daughter was born 3 years ago, we didn’t have satellite or cable TV. Was I the only one who tried or perhaps is still trying to save money on that monthly fee? I remember those late night feedings (pumped breast milk) and long circular walks around our living room trying to get and keep my little girl asleep with nothing to watch on TV but late night Olympic coverage from China. I’m honestly not sure what I was thinking? Since then I broke down (my wife had a few must see TV shows on premium channels) and signed up. Even though I use my wife as my excuse for doing it, I probably am the one who loves it the most.

Me dancing with my baby girl

My daughter has grown up in a world where everything on TV (in her mind) is “on demand”. She’ll ask me to put on a kids show show and when I say, “Honey, I don’t think that’s on now,” she’s say “Yes, daddy. It on demand.” LOL. And she’s almost always right! It’s wonderful to have programming (often with no commercials) that we can watch with her in small increments that’s not only non-commercial and non-offensive, but also even educational. This wasn’t something I’d considered before having a child. And don’t let me kid you, it’s not all about my daughter. LOL.

TIPS: If you have recently been considering updating your television package to include more channels and programming options, it may be a good idea to look into some standard Satellite TV Deals. The fact is, with so many different programming options available these days (from everyone from Netflix to Directv, etc.), basic cable is becoming a bit outdated, as people begin to prefer the options and variety offered by more expansive channel listings and movie choices. In particular, many people with families are beginning to upgrade to satellite TV, so as to gain access to a broader range of appeal that is better suited to both children and adults.

Both of our TVs stream Netflix and other Internet content, which I just LOVE. Each night once I read to and tuck in my little girl, my wife and I settle down to a huge selection of options both via networks and other sources. I hear you, “Yeah, that’s cool, Michael, but what’s it cost?” Generally, the basic satellite TV upgrade costs you about $29.99 per month, and offers at least 50 additional channels, plus your local stations. This package is quite a good deal, as installation is free and monthly costs are low. However, there are also larger, more expansive packages that offer far more channels, and movie options that can be appealing to a range of family members.

Family watching DirecTV’s dish network togetherThe next package up, at least in DirecTV’s dish network offerings, is a mere $34.99 per month, and offers you over 150 channels, which, in many people’s opinions, is a significantly better value than the basic package. With 150 or more channels, you are almost certain to be providing some level of quality, appropriate entertainment for yourself and your family, even if you have small children. Plus, in addition, they are giving away 3 free months of special networks such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz. While you will indeed have to pay to keep these networks after 3 months, you will be allowing yourself access to a nearly endless selection of movies and programs, making it a significantly easier process to select, for example, a family movie for a night at home.

For extremely serious television watchers, you know who you are, there are even larger and more inclusive packages offered by dish network. In fact, the largest of these packages brings you over 285 channels, including access to over 60 “premium movie channels,” free HD for your viewing, and even free access to NFL Sunday Ticket. This package costs $38.99 a month, with a two-year agreement. However, if you are more interested in a simple but improved package, the two previous examples listed above may be very helpful for you and your family. There really is no alternative to this level and extent of quality home programming.

You know I rarely write reviews because I’m so darned picky. Ask my wife, she’ll tell you! That’s part of the reason I made her live so long with basic TV. The thing is, now that we have it, I LOVE it. It’s probably a bit like the first time you got a Smart Phone and realized what you were missing. Not only has this investment been great for my family, but because it’s so cost effective it’s one I don’t mind promoting. These are challenging times and we need to find all the ways we can to save money. I totally understand (I was there 3 years ago) with the choice of watching only basic TV or none at all, but if you’re going to, give satellite TV from DISH Network a look.

What do you like best about your provider?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own, as always. This post was brought to you by to share my thoughts on their products. This in no way affected my opinion. If I don’t like something, you know I’m not shy… I’ll say so.


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  1. JDaniel loves OnDemand at my mother in laws. We have only free access t.v. at our house.

    1. I understand. Does he have any trouble understanding why he can’t watch what he wants, when he wants at home? I fear our little girl is rather spoiled. Truth be told… so am I. 😉

  2. Oh my gosh I could no longer live without cable anymore- I just love it so much! And I think its great to be able to find educational childrens programs without commercials.

    1. So, Shannon, it has nothing to do with the ability to DVR your favorite HBO shows and watch them whenever and wherever you want? Yeah, it’s all about the education benefits for me, too. 😉

  3. First off your family is Beautiful! Secondly, your daughter is a VERY lucky little girl.

    1. Awww… thank you so much, Michelle. All I can say is, I’m glad my daughter got my wife’s good looks. 😉 As for my girl being lucky… I’d have to say I’m the lucky one. I have the ♥ best wife and the most wonderful daughter ♥ in the world.

  4. We have a free sat, freeviewing one purchased in Aldi and we pick up just the free stations but there is a lot of them, to be honest dont really bother with the tele, I do be usually too busy and if really want to watch some thing do it online or get it on dvd and am always rewatching stuff especially when stuck in the room working at my art.

    Growing up we had two stations and in b&w but dont really remember watching them remember been made go outside unless it was raining and if it was id paint instead, but I can see how great the tv is for entertaining these days especially since I have been kicked out of my own room from doing my art and it has been overtook….

    1. While I am from the USA, I lived in Europe twice (Amsterdam & Vienna) as a kid and I remember what it was like to have only two national stations to pick from, and that was it. Plus in Holland at the time one of the two stations was only broadcasting in the evening. Times have changed. I think my favorite thing is the DVR (originally that was Tivo, but most providers have it now) and these ease of recording and watching programs on our own time. Love it.

  5. She looked so interested in dancing and adorable:)

    1. LOL. Thanks, Jennifer. She was such adorable little bundle of joy. She just turned three, and is still just as adorable… but I can’t get her to eat her veggies now. 😉

      p.s. The link below is of her now:

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