Did this make you cry, too? Super Sweet Father’s Day Video:

Videos like this always make me tear up. Yes, daddy’s an old softie on the inside. Wishing all of you other dads out there a very safe and Happy Father’s Day!

*Note: This post was NOT sponsored. I just thought you might enjoy the video. Plus I love Shutterfly’s products.


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    • Andrea on at

    Wow! That’s the cutes video I’ve seen this week, you’ve really made my day with that. I think I have to prepare for the father’s day tomorrow in a special way!

    1. I hope your family had a lovely Father’s Day! You live in Mainburg, Germany, right? I was wondering if other countries celebrated this day.

    • mikemike on at

    omg so cute! hope im having a boy! wife just told me im ganna be a dad!

    1. Congratulations, Mike! You know, I predict the gender of the child will make little difference once it arrives. I’m sure people have told you stuff about how a baby changes your life; not just the sleep deprivation, but the really, really good stuff, too. I have a little girl (3 years old) and could not possibly love her more if she’d been a boy. 🙂

    • olive on at

    Holly Cute Batman. that was just the sweetest thing

    1. Thank you, Olive. Yeah, I thought so, too. [sniff]

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