Epson LabelWorks™ Printable Ribbon Kit Giveaway!

You may not know this about me – but I’m kind of a crafty guy. And I especially like being able to personalize gifts I give. That’s one of the reasons I’m really excited to be giving away an Epson LabelWorks Printable Ribbon Kit to a lucky reader!

Not only does this kit also accept Iron on label Ribbons (purchased separately), but you can also make all kinds of projects that need ribbon – but add words or pictures to suit the occasion!

Check it out in action…


Favors, invitations, lollipops, and gift baskets – are just some of the great ways to use the personalized ribbons you can make on the Printable Ribbon Kit.

In fact below you can see how my wife recently used the kit to decorate a Chemo Gift Basket for a family member. The ribbon just makes it that much more special and personalized!
chemotherapy basket


I really enjoyed this Printable Ribbon Kit – we got our daughter all ready for summer camp with the iron on ribbons, and labeled all her gear! And we are already planning to use it for personalized holiday gifts this year!

For other great ideas on how to use the LabelWorks Printable Ribbon Kit check out…


Epson Pinterest :


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    • Robin Rue (@massholemommy) on at
    • Reply

    I would have a field day with that thing! I think those printable ribbons are the cutest thing!

    1. Yes, Robin I agree! So many possibilities!

  1. Oh my goodness I would love one of these. I am an avid crafter so I am sure I can come up with all sorts of ideas. This could be fun for holidays! gift giving, gift baskets, hair bows.. They sky is the limit!

    1. I love the hair bow idea – our daughter would love that too!

  2. I had no idea you could print on ribbon like this, how cool! I can think of a ton of gifts and crafts this would be perfect for.

    1. I didn’t know you could either! But it’s a game changer, right?

  3. Oh wow this is so cute! I could really use one of these for all of my crafts!

    1. What kind of crafts do you do Melisa?

  4. Oh man this takes gift giving to a whole new level! What a cool gadget!

    1. I agree! The holidays are going to get fancy at our house this year! Haha.

  5. Wow that ribbon kit would be so nice for gift making. It looks easy to use too!

    1. The hands you see in the video are mostly my 6 year old! So yes- very easy!

  6. How awesome is that? I would love this! Oh the pretty things I could do with that!

    1. So many things! Yep!

  7. These are just so cute! I love crafting and would love these printable ribbons! They would make gifts look so unique!

    1. The crafting possibilities are pretty dizzying 🙂

  8. These are cool, I would use them for gifts and for food gifts at Christmas time.

  9. I would use this for my brother’s graduation present and making the wrapping of it extra special!

  10. In addition to the obvious potential for wrapping, I could use it in the garden to label plants.

  11. I would love to use this at Christmas to give personalized gifts and maybe with the baskets I weave. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  12. I would use the Epson LabelWorks™ Printable Ribbon Kit for just about everything! I would start with labeling everything that needs an explanation of what is in the box or draw. I would make sure my kids names where in everything the could and do lose. The uses for this Kit are endless.

  13. I would use it to label coats and clothing. Also decorative personalized ribbon bows.

  14. I’d use them to print organization labels. Apparently that’s a thing I’m supposed to be doing. 😉

  15. cards,,hair ribbons,,labels i could even make decorations,,i think the list is endless!!

  16. I would make great personalized bows and ribbons when wrapping gifts.

    • Danielle Porter on at
    • Reply

    I didn’t know this even existed! Would be perfect for making hair bows for girls and for gifts!

  17. I never knew you could do that with ribbon. I would use it for personalizing gifts and also for my daughters hairbows.

  18. I would probably make bracelets with them.

  19. This would be great for wrapping gifts or for certain party decorations!

    • Amanda Saltsman on at
    • Reply

    I would have a ton of fun with this

  20. This would be great. Graduation favors, wedding favors, camp labels, school labels. Even nursing home labels. So very useful!

  21. I would make school spirit ribbons fro my grand kids shirts and hair.

  22. I’d use it to make details for my kids and dogs toys/clothes 🙂 Such a cute idea – had no idea something like this even existed!

  23. I’d love to use these for birthday presents!

  24. I would use it for favors at birthday parties and weddings.

  25. I LOVE the idea of being able to print on ribbons! I would use it for SO SO SO much! From adding a little oomph to my daughters cheer bows, to personalize the treats for her class, gift baskets, and basically just adding them to pretty much everything we give away as gifts or special treats. Thanks for the post!

    • Megan Scharlau on at
    • Reply

    I would use this for a ton of different things! GIfts, decorations, random creations… the list goes on!

    • sarah brushaber on at
    • Reply

    Dress up gifts and sewing projects

  26. I would use this to make labels for my homemade canned products.

  27. Graduation favors, wedding favors, camp labels, school labels. Even nursing home labels. So very useful!

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