Welcome to A Daddy Blog! #UBP13

I’m so happy you are here. I guess you’ve figured out this is a daddy blog. So what’s it about? Glad you asked. I started this blog when our little girl was born, so that’s how it got its name. I read someplace the phenomenon that is the “mommy blog” has not taken off in the same way for “daddy bloggers” because men would not use such a demeaning way of labeling their work. Wait, what?

Apparently there are those who believe that “mommy” and “daddy” are somehow inferior, less respectful, less respectable ways of being addressed. So will I change the name of my blog to something more respectable, like “A Father’s Home Journal”? Hell no. And neither should any woman who wishes to refer to her online body of work as a “mommy blog” ever feel the need to apologize for that.


Ultimate Blog Party 2013

We all have different callings, and I know with complete and total certainty that my most important calling in this life is “daddy”. If I had my way, my daughter would call me “daddy” her whole life. And do you know what, I’d be damned proud if she did! As for what I write about, it’s sometimes silly, sometimes serious, sometimes heartbreaking… and always from my heart.

I learn so much from other bloggers, and am thrilled to meet some new ones. Please leave a comment so I know you were here, with a link to your blog. If you have a Facebook Page for your site, or use Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etcetera please please let me know. Mine are all really easy to find. They are all “adaddyblog”. Let me know and I’d love to follow you.


Here are few of my posts that will give you a taste for my blog:

7 Ways to be a Better Dad

Stop and smell the diapers. Just a few suggestions from one dad to another…

Dear Daddy: I Miss You – A Letter from the Future

What if you received a letter from your child… a letter written in the future? What if you didn’t like what it said? What if there was still time to fix it?

I Hate Dora the Explorer

My daughter can’t look away when Dora the Explorer it’s on. Dora is like crack for toddlers! Perhaps “hate” is too strong a word, but I do have a few choice thoughts on this pint sized annoyance.

Suffering in Silence – It’s Time We Talk about Miscarriage

Too often parents suffer in silence after a miscarriage, believing they are alone, feeling perhaps somehow it was their fault. It’s time for the silence to end.

Disney Dilemma: Best Disney World Hotel Options for Kids

We’re planning our first family vacation with our daughter who will be 4 years old then. How do you stay in the same room, and still do naps and sleep at night?

A Dad Weighs In on Breastfeeding

Yes, I’m a dad and I’m about to talk about breastfeeding! Actually that’s the point of this blog. We don’t talk about it enough. I wish someone had talked to me.

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  1. Hi. I’m a long time reader of your blog – I thorougly enjoy your honesty and wit.

    Nice to see you at the UBP! Lauralee

    1. I’m honored, Lauralee. I promise to work harder at writing more meaningful, or at least entertaining blogs. Happy to see you via UBP13 as well! Just came from your blog, and also following on G+, GFC & Pinterest. Have a super weekend!

  2. Have to say I always love reading your posts. Daddy blogs have a whole different look at things — and just so you know, I still call my dad “Daddy.”

    I just started on Google+ not long ago; looking forward to following you there now!

    Have a great time at the party!

    1. Hi. So happy to have you back to visit. You’ve been such a super online friend. Odd how that works sometimes. I’m glad you still call your dad “Daddy”. I’m quite proud of that name, as you know. I’ll go look you up on Google+. I’m sure I’m following you most other places, but I’ll check. Have a great day!

  3. Stopped by to say Hi from #UBP13, glad I did! Great blog!

    1. Awww, thank so much for dropping by, Kim. I’ll head your way shortly.

  4. Hi! Just followed you on twitter via the UBP!
    Return follow please! Btw nice blog!

    1. Absolutely, Tanya. Love meeting new people! I am following you on Twitter. Please check the large follow me twitter link in the widget on the right side of your page. The lower one that shares some of your tweets is working fine, but the larger one above it is not. Great to meet you!

  5. Hi – thanks for visiting me at Ein bisschen Haushalt… hope you could read the blog :). But thanks to Google there are quite useful translations available nowadays. Love the idea of Dads blogging – there are not too many out there. Will sure be back!

    1. I lived in Europe twice as a young person, and though my German is a bit rusty, Chocolate Peanut Blondies was no problem to figure out. 🙂 Not on my diet, but would be a super treat. I love meeting people from all over, so this is a treat for me. Never lived in Germany, but did live in Vienna for a while, so I speak a tiny bit of German with an odd accent. 😉 Have a great weekend!

  6. Daddy blogs are so refreshing to read. Lots of personality to them. Look forward to reading =)

    1. Thank you, Jamie. I hope I don’t disappoint. 🙂 I’m off to read MN Girl in LA, and follow on all your networks. Have a super day!

  7. Hi, Michael!

    Really nice to find another dude on the ultimate blog party – I was starting to feel a little outnumbered 😉

    I’m no Dad yet (26 years old), but I have this sense that it will one day (maybe soon?) be one of my greatest joys in life. For now that enthusiasm gets poured into my karate school.

    I write Mind Like Child with my mom. (She’s awesome. I’m really hoping she’s still around when I do have kids)

    1. Left this comment on your site, but not sure if it was successfully posted. Typepad can be finicky.

      Hi Damon. Great to meet you. A Karate teacher had a big impact no my life as a child. If you’re ever looking for a role model, there’s none better than this man: http://www.hidyochiai.org.

      “My true role is that of a ‘teacher.’ My subject is human development, as it allows people to live together harmoniously.” ~Hidy Ochiai

      Love your blog. No doubt you will be a great dad when that time comes. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hi. Glad you joined in the fun on the UBP13, so I wasn’t so outnumbered.


  8. Hi Michael

    Stopping by via the #UBP13 I think it’s great that there are men like you who are willing to talk candidly about family life and to be willing to share their thoughts on a blog.

    My hats off to you for your Breast Feeding post. It still amazes me that the way things are done in the maternity wards haven’t changed much in almost 30 years since my first child was born. I find it pretty sad to say the least.

    I am proud to say all three of my granddaughters were breast fed and we started a trend among my oldest daughters friends because she or I would help them with their questions and nursing problems. I know for a fact that those young mothers would never have attempted breast feeding if it weren’t for the fact that my daughter nursed her children.

    yep…I feel pretty strongly about the subject also!

    1. Thanks so much, Arlene. I’m so happy to have connected with you! I’m with you about the importance of breastfeeding, though I would be quick to add the caveat: for a variety of reasons many did not or could not feed their babies breast milk. The last thing in the world I want to do is make someone feel bad over choices they made in the past, or a situation in which perhaps they had no choice. That would be pointless. That said, if it’s possible for a mother to breastfeed, I am a very strong advocate of that choice, versus giving formula to ones children. Thanks for dropping by from UPB13!!!

  9. Hey Michael!
    Always enjoy your posts! and your tweets!
    Justin- Writing Pad Dad

    1. Hey Justin. Thanks for stopping by. In case you’re wondering why it took me so long to respond, you had 5 URLs attached to your comment, and so it was clearly auto-flagged as spam. I only just found it in spam folder. It’d be sort of like I left a comment on your page with this:

      adaddyblog Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram YouTube Google+

      I’m already following you everywhere anyway. 🙂 I removed the links and pulled you out of spam jail. Sorry for the lecture, but there are some things that are going to get you flagged by Askimet, Google, etcetera as spam. I’d hate to see you’re account/site blocked, because I like it.

      Hope all is going super with you and yours? Have a great week, Justin!

      1. Sorry about all of the URLs. I never intentionally include 5.

  10. Well hey there Daddy blogger. Nice to meet ya! ! Stopping by for UBP2013.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Stacie. I’m your newest follower on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Google+. Hope you are having a super day, and a great UBP13.

  11. Excellent, Michael. I realized I have pretty much copied your format, but in my defense it was pretty much the same as what I did last year.

    Not that I have a problem admitting that I have stolen from a fellow blogger! 🙂

    1. Theft is the sincerest form of flattery. Is that how it goes? 🙂 Steal away, but beware that I’m probably not the dad you want to model yourself or your blog on. I’m learning new things every day, and definitely a work in progress. Oh, and stop teasing me with coffee photos from São Paulo! Great to meet you, Gabriel. Let’s make it a point to stay in touch. We dad bloggers need to have each others backs. 😉 Already was following you on Twitter, as you know. Now following you on Google+ and looking for your Facebook page if you have one. Have a super day. Safe travels.

      1. I follow you on Twitter as well and was wondering who this Michael guy was who showed up on my Google + last night. I barely use that thing ! 🙂

        I do have a personal (Gabriel Almada) and a blog (Live from Waterloo) Facebook page.

        Thanks and yes, we will be in touch, I have been following this blog for a long time but I haven’t really commented much, have I…

  12. Thank You! And thanks 4 the heads up about
    my twitter button not working! Thanks 4 the
    follows and I hope you’re having a wonderful
    time at the UBP13 party!:0)

    1. So nice of you to stop by, Tanya. I always appreciate it if someone let’s me know something on my site’s not working. Recently Go Daddy (my host… I’d recommend Blue Host or a couple others, btw) had my site down for days, so I was happy someone alerted me. Yikes. I love UBP. I get to meet so many new cool people. Sadly, they also get to meet me. [shrug] Have a super week!

  13. Great to see you here Michael – I’ll have coffee in the morning when you’re ready to party! Your intro post reminds me I should call my dad “daddy” every now and then..

    1. Yes you should call your “daddy” soon, Amy. Every dad’s different, but if he’s even a bit like me, I know it would mean a lot, even if he’s not the type to say so. So, still have the coffee on? I could really use another cup! Have a super week!

  14. I found you on UBP 2013. I’m already looking forward to reading more of your blog. You have earned yourself a new follower. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Jessica. I left a comment on your blog and also your Facebook page. Hope you’re week’s gotten off to a great start to far. Thanks for dropping by from UBP13!

  15. Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I’m so happy you are here. I’m typing this on my iPhone, so if it spells something weird, well, it’s actually probably my fault. We are out and about having a family-day today. I’ll be visiting and following you all soon. In the meantime, have a super day. Now, talk amongst yourselves.

  16. Hi!

    I am here from the UBP and I love your blog! While my husband is fully supportive of me, I do get some eye rolling when I take pictures of inanimate objects for my blog, lol. I love that you are a daddy blogger. I read some of your posts and I will certainly be back to read more, there is a lot of useful stuff on here, thanks!

    <3 Alyca

    1. Hi Alyca. Love your blog. I started mine when our first (and so far only) daughter was born. Thanks for your comment. I was already following you on Twitter, and am now doing so on Facebook, Pinterest & Google+. So happy to meet other parent bloggers. I’ve learned so much from others. Have a great week!

  17. I love what you say about being proud of the title “Daddy”!

    1. Thank you, Susan. I’ve had some pretty pretentious job titles in my life, but none more important or dear to my heart than “daddy”. Thanks for stopping by, and for hosting this great party!

  18. Hi,

    I come for the party ^___*. I like to “meet” new blogger friends. I like your blog, I can see how proud you are as a father 😀

    Pls return to see my UBP blog post too in here: http://bit.ly/14IvDly See you at my blog 😉

    1. Thank you so much, Juliana. I was like the clean design of your blog. Interesting use of about.me as your, well, about me page. You should go snag an icon.me page as well, just to have it in case one beats out the other. Unsolicited tip. Mine are http://about.me/schmid & http://icon.me/michael, though I don’t use them on my blog, at least not now. Really happy to meet you!

  19. Nice to see dad’s joining in! I’m surfing on over from the UBP! Hope you’ll swing by and say hello. Party on! ::: Tossing Confetti :::

    {Big hugs}

    1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Love the design of yours! I believe I’m already following you on every social media platform invented thus far, save Instagram (only because I couldn’t find a link). My phone just told me you sent me a tweet as I was typing this. Thank you, and have a super week!

  20. Great to see you on the web! I agree that Dad’s bring a unique perspective to parenting and good for you for sharing! Hope you join me on my blog Momma on the Move -I’m on facebook and twitter as well

    1. Just left you a couple of comments, and am following you on Facebook and Twitter. Hope your week’s gotten off to a great start so far? So happy to meet you. How’s the weather up where you are? Already in the 70’s in Dallas. Honestly, I’d rather it stay cool longer.

    • Melissa of mizmeliz.com on at
    • Reply

    I think I’ve seen you on Facebook! Nice to meet you. Visiting from the #UBP13! Very cool blog!

    1. I’ve been known to lurk, skulk an otherwise haunt the not so hallowed halls of Twitter. Thanks so much for dropping by, Melissa. I’m also following you on about every other social media site known to man, including even Instagram. 🙂 Now I sound like a stalker. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  21. Hi Michael –

    this is my first time participating in UBP and I am so glad I have decided to join! I read your blog post about miscarriages. I have not experienced one myself, but my sister did and it was exactly as you said – even though we never heard about it before, as soon as we told others about hers, suddenly everybody had a story of their own. I was lucky enough going into my pregnancy knowing that these things happen and no one is to blame. I was not lucky enough, however, to know about other truths that come with pregnancy and having a child – it seems there are many taboos to be broken still. And so I took it upon myself to be one of those speaking out loud, even if it meant that I would not be seen as the perfect mother with the perfect life. And I love it! I tell embarrassing stories and secrets so that others can nod and say “yep, I’ve been there.” You can read more on my blog http://cheerstothesecondtime.blogspot.com. You can also find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChmelikAndrea and Twitter @AndreaChmelik. Cheers!

    1. You’re comment got caught in my spam filter (too many links). I’ve rescued it now. We’ve communicated recently on your Facebook page and on Twitter. I found your recent blog post both brave and likely very helpful for others. Good for you. Thanks so much for dropping by from UBP13!

  22. I like the the word Daddy! It’s what I called my daddy! I think some people just like to put people in boxes. I call myself a fur-mum and I talk to my dog as mummy. Yes, people think its odd, but I don’t care, because the people who love me think its just fine.
    Like your blog and I’m going to have a spin around.
    Happy wagging UBP

    1. I find a lot of pet owners call themselves mums, moms, dads, etc. Nothing odd about that. I’m happy to hear you called your father ‘daddy’. It’s my favorite job title. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by from UBP13. By the way, I love the image you chose for your “Dog Friendly Travel” section. Too cute! Just followed you on Facebook and Twitter and left a comment on your blog. So happy to meet another dog lover! Have a great evening.

  23. Hello, how are you? I enjoyed your site and will be back soon to read some more of the post like the letter from the child in the future.

    1. So happy to have you stop by, Glenda. Just came from your blog. Not sure your etsy giveaway is quite my shade of eyecolor, but I could give it to my wife? 🙂 Hope you’re week is going well so far. I was already following you on Twitter, and have liked you on Facebook. Quick tip: you have two pinterest links on your top right blog margin. One is to http://pinterest.com/MommiesPOV/ which works fine, and the other is to “glendacates” and that doesn’t work. Just an FYI. Have a super day, Glenda!

  24. I’m glad to have found you through UBP13…your blog is pretty darn cool! I’m kind of a newb to bloggin, but I’m loving it so far. I’m an educator and adoptive dad of two with special needs. My wife and I did foster care for kids with severe disabilities for 8 years. It’s been great reaching out, talking to, and hopefully helping other families! My whole blog is all about learning to learn. Come check it out too. I think you will like it!

    1. Just left you comments on your blog, facebook and google+. So great to meet you, Angel. Would like to talk to you at some point concerning your adoption and foster care experience. Have a great evening!

  25. Wow! I can’t believe I have never come across your blog before. It’s wonderful! Found you through the UBP13, and I will be back! I just read your Dear Daddy post and it bought me to tears. Going to share that with my husband. He travels a lot, and though we do spend a lot of time together as a family, the years fly by too quickly, don’t they?

  26. Stumbled upon your blog tonight and have enjoyed what I’ve seen. I’ve had a number of blogs through the years, but always kept them very personal and never stuck with them long enough to open them up. Its always inspiring to see such passion for fatherhood, and an openess about the trials and learning curve we dads inherit.

  27. I’m late stopping by from the UBP13. I hope you stop by our party. We have food!

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by. Never too late. Hope you and Cathi are doing great. Love your blog. Oh and thanks for the banana bread. Yummy. 🙂

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