Why watch the Super Bowl?

Okay, I suppose my question presupposes you do in fact watch it. If you do, why? Is it the gladiatorial spectacle of manly men in spandex patting each others butts between attempts to move a bit of leather up a field? Is it hopes for a wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show?

Or is it the commercials advertisers shell out big bucks to air during this oh so pricey time slot? Me, I’m not a big “sit on the couch and watch sports on TV” kinda guy, but I do get a kick out of some of the ads. Here’s one from 2004 that blends my interest in medieval history with soccer. 😉

So… what are your plans for Sunday? And if they include the Super Bowl… why do you watch?


  1. lol that is a great commercial! I'd much rather watch a bunch of guys play soccer than football! Martin's not a big sports fan either but this Sunday, shhhhhh, we're having his surprise bday dinner party!!! I think I told you about it at Laura's wedding, wow time has really flown! its from 4-6p so most people will miss the preshow, but afterwards stef and john are staying over, so we'll have a mini superbowel part. lol john is a big football fan, so i'm going to root for whatever team he doesn't like, that'll make the game interesting!! 🙂 and your pup strider sure does deserve a huge bone! he looks like he's getting along so good with Molly:)

  2. I love that Nikki can NOT keep that surprise under wraps.I plan on watching the commercials, the halftime show and eating chicken wing dip and any other bits of non-real foods that I can feel bad about later!it should be great, but I wish they did it on Saturday so I could stay up and then sleep in the next day.

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