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THIS WEEK: Dads and Beards, Texas Tornadoes, A Dad’s Suicide

Daddies Aren’t Supposed to have Beards [Gallery]

Posted by Michael Schmid on April 2nd, 2012 at 4:02 pm

Daughter wants her Dad to Shave Off his Beard!

My 3½ year old daughter has recently started making rather opinionated comments about daddy’s choice of apparel… and my hair cut… and my beard. If it’s starting at this age, what will she be saying when she’s a teenager? I hear you; “Be afraid. Be very afraid!”

Recently she told me to cut off my beard. Not because it was scratchy, but because “Daddies aren’t supposed to have beards.” You see, except for the Beast, none of the male leads in her Disney films have any facial hair.

Daddy promptly went out and bought her a copy of Tangled! I was sure Flynn Rider would save my beard, but now the discussion (well, demands really) have changed from whether daddy can have a beard to, “If daddy has a beard what kind should he have?” What do you think? I’ve put together a Gallery of Beards: Continue reading »


Family Separated during Today’s Texas Tornadoes [Video]

Posted by Michael Schmid on April 3rd, 2012 at 4:30 pm

We just had a terrifying hour and a half here in the Dallas Fort Worth area as tornadoes rolled through! It was not so much the presence of 2 tornadoes on the ground nearby that scared me, it was the fact I could not reach my wife and our little 3 year old girl.

I’m attaching a video of one of the tornadoes as it touched down in Arlington, Texas, where we live. When the tornado sirens went off (thank God they worked) my team and I here at the university were able to get safely to a basement; but being down there prevented me from getting a phone signal, so I was not able to call my wife and daughter to confirm they were safe. The wait seemed forever! Continue reading »


Greek Tragedy – Is Suicide Heroic?

Posted by Michael Schmid on April 6th, 2012 at 10:01 am

You’ve likely heard about the retired Greek pharmacist who shot himself at Athens central Syntagma square Wednesday. Violence and protests broke out after as people poured into the square spurred on by social media hailing this man a hero.

I’m not Greek nor suffering through the challenging austerity measures purported to have driven this man to kill himself… but I’m going to give you an opinion on his actions anyway – an opinion not reflected anywhere in the press that I can find.

The press has largely focused on fact this man said his financial situation, caused by Greece’s financial crisis and resulting austerity measures, made him choose to end his life. Moreover the press and social media both characterize his public suicide as an almost heroic act of protest.

I don’t agree. Continue reading »


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  1. Aw, beards.. My husband has beard too. Not very long, but enought to stick when giving my kids and me hugs and kisses. My kids (and I) are giving him comments too. 🙂 Dads should surely not wear beards – haha!

  2. My husband is a beardy man, too, but my son is ok with that. I’m looking forward what the daughter of my sister will say about the beard when I ask her.

    • Crack You Whip on at
    • Reply

    I have to admit that I don’t like beards either. My 16 year old son is growing one (what there is of it) and it is driving me nuts.

  3. I won’t admit it, I am into men with beards. I think it is really sexy when a man has got a little beard. I don’t mean the hobo style:)

    • Bieber Stevens on at
    • Reply

    I am not a big fan of beards either, but I can keep them short just to give that sexy appeal. But most of the time I like when my facial area is clean shaven.

  1. […] April 23, 2012 I recently wrote about how our 3½ year old daughter has suddenly started giving daddy fashion advice and suggestions about better ways to wear my hair. The latest suggestion (well, more of a demand, really) was that I shave off my beard. She said, “Disney princes don’t have beards.” […]

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